Here’s How You Can Revive Kelvin in Sons Of The Forest

Kelvin is dead? Your heart is broken? Don’t be sad my friend! This guide will make Kelvin return to life!

Step 1

Open up appdata (use the Windows Search Bar and type: %appdata%)

Click appdata again in the folder path and go to LocalLow -> Endnight -> SonsOfTheForest -> Saves -> (folder with a long number) -> Singleplayer

Step 2

What you see right now are all your savegames and you need to enter the most recent folder.

Then open GameStateSaveData with Notepad and locate “IsRobbyDead\”:true and change true to false. Save and close the window.

Step 3

Open SaveData with Notepad and locate “TypeId\”:9 (you can use CTRL + F for quicksearch). Then look through the lines that follow until you find “State\”:6 and change 6 to 2.

Scroll down a bit further until you find “Health\”:. The number after : needs to be changed to 100.0.

If you’re done, save and close your windows.

Step 4

Open up your game. Load your most recent save game (the one we edited). Kelvin will be on his GPS tag. That should be the place where he died. Now you can finally hold Kelvin in your arms again!

I made a video too in case you’re more of a visual learner.

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