Hi-Fi RUSH Save Game Location and Download

Hi-Fi RUSH is a single-player video game that has been dominating since its release. With the action-packed gameplay it offers, it’s not surprising to see why players are enjoying the game. As you progress through the game, you will encounter many challenging fights, which is why it’s important to always have a backup copy of your progress.

Having a backup of your save game data will ensure that your progress is safe in case something unwanted happens, such as file corruption. But where can you find your save game data files? Read on as we guide you through the directory where you can secure your Hi-Fi RUSH progress.

Hi-Fi RUSH Save Game Location

Hi-Fi Rush is available on Microsoft Store, Epic Games Store, and Steam. The location of your save game files depends on where you purchased the game.

For Microsoft Store version:


For Steam version:

C:\Users\<Username>\Saved Games\TangoGameworks\Hi-Fi RUSH (STEAM)\Saved\SaveGames

We are still in the process of finding the location of the save game files for the Epic Games Store version of Hi-Fi Rush.

Hi-Fi RUSH Save Game Download

User UcroBoi has uploaded the 100% save game data for Hi-Fi Rush on Nexusmods. If you’re interested to test it out, you can check this link.

This save file features:

  • Wall of Fame completion
  • S ranks on all difficulties
  • Rhythm Tower completion
  • All cosmetics
  • All model viewer items
  • All jukebox songs
  • All life, reverb, and health tank pieces
  • All Vlogs
  • Etc.

Simply download and extract the files to the save game directory mentioned above. Just make sure that you have a copy of your own save files.