High Mass Teleportation II Requirements in X4: Foundations

I looked everywhere online to see if any one had ever posted the actual number of materials needed to teleport the HQ and use it as a weapon. I didn’t find anything. So I’m putting here here. If you find this useful, you’re welcome.

Required Materials

Here is the list of materials. If you set up a bunch of defenses around the HQ and put in some storage to hold enough materials for multiple rounds of teleporting all at once then you can use the HQ as a weapon to destroy enemy stations.

  • Advanced Electronics – 27,500
  • Energy Cells – 25,000
  • Field Coils – 30,000
  • Nividium – 5000 (This might be the most annoying bit for me)
  • Superfuid Coolant – 20,000

Tell your station manager to buy double of all the materials for you because you don’t want to have to produce it on site if you fly around obliterating Xenon. You can’t produce the Nividium anyway. Make sure the station has no subordinates and also tell any ships collecting drops to go dock somewhere for a while, otherwise they’ll fly right into enemy territory.

Set up your entry nav beacon and your exit nav beacon ahead of time. If you own a sector that is a great place to jump to after killing Xenon. If you jump to a sector owned by another faction they’ll want you to pay to have your station there. A sector with no owner works well. Nippo Fortune is pretty empty, only one gate away from the highway, and is right next to Grand Exchange where you can get a bunch of Nividium.

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