High On Life – Trolley Problem Solution Guide

The Trolley Problem is a well-known ethical dilemma that is often used in discussions about moral decision making. In High on Life, you may encounter a version of this problem where you are presented with a trolley on a track that is about to hit five aliens who are stuck on the tracks. Your task is to decide whether to do nothing or to move the lever to redirect the trolley and save the aliens.

Trolley Problem Solution Guide

When faced with this decision in High on Life, you may be presented with a series of dialogues from the aliens on either side of the tracks, trying to convince you to save them. It can be difficult to know what to do, but one option is to try both solutions – do nothing and then move the lever – to see what the aliens will say and how the situation plays out. If you don’t like the outcome, you can always return to the previous checkpoint and try again.

Ultimately, the Trolley Problem in High on Life is designed to challenge your moral decision-making skills. There is no right or wrong answer, but by considering the options and their consequences, you can learn more about your own values and beliefs. Follow the instructions provided to explore the different options and come to your own conclusion about the best course of action.

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