High On Life – Where to Find Drums

In High on Life, players can help the musician Globo rise to fame by purchasing drums for him and giving them to him. In this guide, we’ll explain where to find drums, how to give them to Globo, and what rewards players can expect for doing so.

Where to Find Drums in High on Life

Players can purchase drums for Globo at Mr. Keep’s Pawn Shop, which is located at the end of the store with other miscellaneous items. The drums can be bought for 78 pesos.

Once players have the drums, they can return to Globo and his friend in the downtown area of Blim City and give them the instrument. This will help Globo start his rise to fame and allow players to see his musical talent on TV as they progress in the game.

Rewards for Giving Drums to Globo

If players give drums to Globo before the city turns to nighttime, they will unlock the achievement “A Starfish is Born” for 45 Gamerscore. This achievement can be viewed in the Achievements section of the game and is a testament to players’ contributions to Globo’s success.

In addition to the achievement, players can also watch Globo’s rise to fame on TV as they complete bounties and progress in the game. Seeing Globo’s talent on display can provide players with a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

By following the steps outlined in this guide, players can help Globo rise to fame in High on Life by purchasing drums for him and giving them to him. This will unlock an achievement and allow players to see Globo’s musical talent on TV.