HighFleet PC Keyboard Controls

This guide will be showing you the default HighFleet PC keyboard controls. Please note that you can modify these buttons by simply going to the settings menu of HighFleet.

HighFleet Keyboard Controls

Thrust UpW
Thrust LeftA
Thrust DownS
Thrust RightD
Rotate Craft AnticlockwiseQ
Rotate Craft ClockwiseE
Cycle Ammo Type/Retreat AirplanesR
Abandon ShipT
Pop Decoy FlaresF
Fire Air Defense MissileC
Launch AirplaneX
Engage AfterburnersLeft Shift
Fire Guided Anti-Ship MissileSpacebar
Pause MenuEsc
Fire Primary WeaponLeft Mouse Button
Fire Auxiliary WeaponRight Mouse Button
Set/Release Bomb ArcMouse Wheel Button (Hold/Release)
Zoom In/OutMouse Wheel Scroll
Speed Up TimeShift
Toggle Pause/UnpauseSpacebar

You can also refer to the controls infographic below:

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