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HITMAN 3 – Hokkaido Elusive Target Guide and Tips

This guide serves as a walkthrough for the 2 different Elusive targets that can be found in Hokkaido, Japan. This guide includes pics, tips, and maps.




GUARDS?: No Guards following them around thankfully

MY RATING: 5/10 Low effort Targets with short loops, a lackluster “side” objective that takes a lot of time to complete, bringing artificial challenge to the contract by making you acquire the right disguises just to access the room the Syringes are inside. Also why do they drink if the drinks themselves cant be poisoned that way? I dont like how limited this contract is as it literally forces you to kill both targets with a specific item. Wheres the freedom!

Pavel’s Loop:

You will find him wandering around the Sushi area and the Sake Bar. He drinks from a wine glass at around 1:42 in the mission timer (Assuming you start as the Sushi Chef). However putting lethal poison in his drink will ruin your chance at completing the “optional” objective which is to inject him (and Akane) with the lethal hemorrhagic syringe.

Here is his Wine Glass for reference. (I recommend poisoning it with emetic vial/ pills AFTER you have obtained the Syringe. Then you can easily inject him while he is puking in the bathroom):

Akane’s Loop:

You will find her moving between the surgery areas and the Bodyguard staff room where she will drink from a water bottle at around 2:30 in the mission timer. (assuming you started as a Surgeon)

Again, there is no point in poisoning her bottle as you will have to kill her via the Syringe.

So where tf are these special syringes?

You will find them inside of the Stem Cell Supply Room on level 1 near the Morgue.

The Entrance to the room looks like this:

NOTE: You will need to have any of the 3 things listed to unlock the door.

  • Surgeon Disguise
  • Chief Surgeon Disguise
  • Disposable Scrambler/ Electronic Key Hacker


NOTE: The three potential targets look like this. Note that ONLY one of these three will be your Target, Jin Hu.

GUARDS?: None following but many in the Restaurant Area
RANDOM LOOP?: Very little loop deviation, but randomised Targets!

MY RATING: 7/10 An interesting ET with a great concept. However playing it “properly” and finding out which of the three is your target requires you to get into the director’s office and search his computer. This may sound simple but getting into his office is extremely difficult. you will need the director disguise OR an electronic key hacker JUST to unlock the door. It is a good challenge the first time you do it, but simply isnt viable on repeat playthroughs. A much better option (Although it is unfortunately reliant on luck) is to just kill one of the three targets when you get an opportunity and hope that you eliminated Jin Hu! I have found 2 of the 3 loops provide a consistent method to eliminate the (potential) Target.

(Level Start) Loop Map:

(Potential Target = PT)

  • PT#1 enters the restaurant area
  • PT#2 enters the outdoor garden area, before joining PT#3 in the Spa Area
  • PT#3 enters the Spa area and meets with PT#2

Method to Eliminate PT#1

Poison Wine Glass (Bar Area near 47’s Sushi Chef Entrance)


Method to Eliminate PT#2

Coin Lure and push over railing (North-Eastern edge of the garden)

Method to Eliminate PT#3

Coin Lure into corner and Lethal Syringe (North-Western corner of the Spa Area)

Contract Complete!

Extra Info

By completing any of the mentioned targets above, you will unlock the “White Yukata”

However, you can NOT obtain this suit by beating any of the mentioned targets in “Elusive Target Arcade” as it is a separate game mode with its own rewards.

For reference, the (Location default) “VIP Patient” variant looks like this:

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