Hooked on You A Dead by Daylight Dating Sim Achievements Walkthrough

This should be a 100% obtain all achievements since for some reason there is little to known information for certain achievements or the information has been outdated. I recommend to ctrl + f to search for an achievement. Most of the descriptions are self explanatory. THIS GUIDE DOES KINDA CONTAIN SPOILERS

Still Alive

Should be obvious survive first day without dying.

Two Days In Paradise

Survive two days without dying.

One Down

Complete one route.

Trial Run

Play the game for one hour.

Obsessed Much

Play the game for 5 hours.

Casual Gamer

Play one minigame

Hardcore Gamer

Get one perfect minigame(As you know you need to land 5 consecutive perfects in a minigame).

I suggest trying to get a rhythm after the second perfect.

Pro Minigamer

Play through all minigames. This is easily obtainable if you play through all the routes.

Mind Eraser


Choose Trappers route go through all text until you reach the his cave for the first time when the trickster appears in the cave choose why he’ll say something like for love select run to him option and when trapper kills you select try again 3 times(do not reload the save file as it will not work).

Serial Dater

Reload the game 20 times

Time Killer

Press the retry button a certain amount of times(can’t remember the amount but it’s an easy achievement).

Goodbye Huntress

Eliminate huntress

Later, Spirit

Eliminate Spirit

See Ya, Trapper

Eliminate Trapper

Peace Out, Wraith

Eliminate Wraith

The Huntress’ Prey

Get killed by the huntress.

The Spirit’s Vengeance

Get killed by the spirit

The Trapper’s Trophy

Get killed by the trapper.

The Wraith’s Wreckage

Get killed by the wraith.

Glutton For Punishment

Get killed by all four killers. Self explanatory if you already gotten these achievements:

The Huntress’ Prey, The Spirit’s Vengeance, The Trapper’s Trophy and The Wraith’s Wreckage).

Forest Friend

Choose to follow the huntress

Morose Match

Choose to follow the spirit.

Gruesome Twosome

Choose to follow the trapper.

Pensive Pairing

Choose to follow the wraith

Friends forever

Don’t follow any particular path and it will result in the killers not falling for you.

The Hunger

Get the huntress’s good ending

Dark Heart

Get the spirit’s good ending

Love Hurts

Get the trapper’s good ending

Blood Pack

Get the wraith’s good ending

For better or For worse

Obtain the good ending for all four killers.

Check in editors notes if it’s not working

The horror

Reject the huntresses love

Assassin’s blade

Reject the spirit’s love

Last Laugh

Reject the trapper’s love

Star Killer

Reject the wraith’s love

Cold Blooded

Reject all four killers

Check in editors notes if it’s not working

The completionist

Basically complete the entire game.

Editors Notes

1. For better, For worse and Cold Blooded not working

If one or the other achievements or both are not working this is because you have reloaded the game trying to get the other ending. For some reason the game doesn’t like that so you have to basically play on 8 different saves for both achievements. You can skip the credits since the entity shows after you trigger all good or bad endings before the credits and will get the trickster to show up as well.

2. Do not attempt to modify/replace BSW.dll file it’s outdated and will cause your game to just be black screen and if you revert replacing the file game does not work correctly. If this happens verify the files and it will work again.

3. You do not need to play the good and bad endings 8 times for each killer it’s kinda of a waste of time but you do you I guess.

4. Enjoy that’s all this guide can provide

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