Horimiya Episode 4 Preview, Release Date: Where to Watch Online?

Horimiya Episode 4 is just around the corner. Following the romantic exciting event between the Hori and Miyamura in the latest episode, anime fans are now thrilled to see the continuation of their love adventure.

In this anime guide, we will be sharing you the details of the upcoming 4th episode of Horimiya. Read on the learn the official release date, preview, and recap of Horimiya anime.

Previous Episode Recap

In the 3rd episode of Horimiya, we have seen more character development, especially for Izumi Miyamura.

The first few minutes of the episode features a short flashback of Miyamura’s life during his elementary and high school days. The anime also highlights the growing friendship relationship for Miyamura, Hori, Yoshikawa, and Ishikawa.

The most exciting part of the episode is the event that happened during the night at Hori’s home. From there, anime fans witnessed how Hori tried to express her feelings but diverted it to something. However, Hori was caught off guard when Miyamura told her his true feelings.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see Hori’s reply after Miyamura told her that he loves her. But simply looking at their actions after the confession, it seems that there will still be a lot of room for their love for each other.


Horimiya Episode 4 Updates

Below are the confirmed details about the upcoming episode of Horimiya anime.

When is Horimiya Episode 4 release date?

As of the moment, there is no delay or schedule changes that has been announced for the Horimiya anime. This only means that we should be getting the Horimiya Episode 4 on Sunday, January 31, 2021. The following schedule is the estimated premiere date and time of the anime in your region.

  • January 31, 2021, at 12:30 PM (JST)
  • January 30, 2021, at 10:30 AM (ET)
  • January 31, 2021, at 2:30 AM (AEDT)
  • January 30, 2021, at 7:30 AM (PT)
  • January 30, 2021, at 3:30 PM (GMT)
  • January 30, 2021, at 4:30 PM (CET)

Where to watch Horimiya Episode 4 online?

You can catch Hori and Miyamura by streaming the new Horimiya episode on Animelab, Funimation, and Hulu.


Horimiya Episode List

According to the official details, the first season of Horimiya anime has a total of 13 episodes. Check out the other episode details below.

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