Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn Developer Acknowledged the Crashing Issues on PC

It’s just been a few days since the launch of the Horizon Zero Dawn on Windows PC, but players have already been reporting lots of crashing issues of the game.

According to the reports, players have been experiencing random game crashes when playing the game. Some are reporting that during the cinematic and cut scenes, Horizon Zero Dawn application crashes while others are also experiencing random game crashes when playing a mission.

Fortunately, developer Guerrilla has acknowledged the issue and confirmed that they are now investigating the cause of these crashes.

“Thank you for supporting us yesterday as we launched Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition on PC! We have been enjoying a whole new wave of screenshots with the in-game Photo Mode, live streams and videos from content creators, and seeing so many new players start their journey with Aloy,” Guerrilla said on Steam Newshub.

“We have been monitoring all of our channels and are aware that some players have been experiencing crashes and other technical issues. Please know that we are investigating your reports as our highest priority,” they added.

As of writing, the developer hasn’t released any update that will address the issues. Currently, players have been leaving both positive and negative feedback for the game. Checking out the Steam page of Horizon Zero Dawn, the feedback has already reached more than 9,000 mixed reviews for the game.

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