Hotel Renovator – How to Get the “Roll with it” Achievement

Strategy for raising your odds during the Chicken Dice Battle


At random points throughout the game, the chicken that you threw out the window at the start of the game will show up in the hallway of a random floor with 2 6-sided dice: one for you, and one for the chicken. If you throw the dice down the hallway, the random bounces of both dice means that you’re more likely to get a draw than a win. Because the game grants any draw after 5 rounds to the chicken, you need to win for the achievement.

Instead, notice that the dice will always have the 3 side facing you when you first grab it, and remember that opposite sides of a 6-sided dice always add up to 7, meaning that 4 is on the other side.

To win much more consistently, aim the dice straight up at the ceiling immediately after you grab a dice, making sure that the dice bounces off the ceiling without any tilt and falls straight back down.

You and the chicken don’t have collision when you’re throwing dice, so your dice will always end up as 4. The chicken’s AI doesn’t match the same trick, so its dice tends to randomly bounce around, ensuring that you have a 50% chance of winning each round, a 16.67% chance of drawing each round, and just a 33.33% chance of losing each round.

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