How Damage Works in FlipWitch

This guide simply serves to show basic damage stats via my own experiments. It can be used when trying to decide how to optimize damage. I’ve very early in the game so I don’t have much in way of weapons or accessories but this is what I’ve gathered so far.

Damage Stats

I will keep it short and sweet. For reference, the lowest damage attack in the game I’ve observed is the uncharged projectile. It does, for ref, 1 point of damage. All other damage stats are derived from this. If anyone has better info let me know!

  • Base Projectile – 1 Damage Point
  • Charged Projectile – 2 Damage Points
  • Base Melee Attack – 2 Damage Points
  • Melee Attack 3rd Strike – 4 Damage Points
  • Air Melee Attack – 2 Damage Points
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