How Does Retirement Work in Etrian Odyssey HD

Contains information regarding retirement mechanics om Etrian Odyssey HD.


Etrian Odyssey 1 has a feature called ‘Retirement’. When an adventurer reaches level 30, you can retire it at the Explorer’s Guild. Retiring an adventurer will:

  • Reset it to level 1
  • Remove all of the current equipment
  • Allow you to change its name
  • Allow you to change its class
  • Give extra bonuses based on its current class and level

The retirement bonuses are extra stats and skill points. The stat that will be increased is based on the adventurer current class. The amount is based on the adventurer current level.

Here is a list of which class gives which stat:

  • STR: Landsknecht, Ronin
  • TEC: Medic, Alchemist, Hexer
  • AGI: Dark Hunter, Survivalist, Troubadour

Here is a list of how many skill points and stats you’ll get based on your current level:

  • Lvl 30-39: +2 skill points, +1 stat
  • Lvl 40-49: +3 skill points, +1 stat
  • Lvl 50-59: +4 skill points, +2 stat
  • Lvl 60-69: +5 skill points, +2 stat
  • Lvl 70: +6 skill points, +3 stat

As an example, retiring a level 45 Landsknecht will give the retired adventurer a +2 STR and +3 skill points bonus.

Retiring multiple times the same adventurer will not stack the bonuses.

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