Death's Door

How Long Does it Take to Beat Death’s Door?

Developer Acid Nerve’s newest action role-playing game managed to become one of the most played games since its release on PC and consoles. The game has a good story and plot, and if you love this kind of genre, you should definitely jump into the world of Death’s Door. But before you start playing the game, here’s how much time you need to spend to finish the main story of Death’s Door.

How long to beat Death’s Door?

According to the recent survey, the main story of Death’s Door will take around 7 hours to complete. But just like any other game, Death’s Door comes with some extras such as achievement and trophy collections.

On PC, players will be able to earn a total of 24 achievements. That being said, completionists players will need to spend around 13 hours to get 100% completion of the game. Why does it take a total of 13 hours? It’s because you need to play some of the extras of Death’s Door where you can unlock the achievements. For Death’s Door’s main story and extras, players have been completing it within 9 and a half hours.

As you can see, Death’s Door is one of the longest games that have been released this month of July 2021. While Death’s Door is already a long game, the total game time of Orcs Must Die 3 is way longer, especially for completionist players.

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