How Long Does it Take to Beat Grime?

Grime is the newest role-playing video game developed by Clover Bite. Currently, Grime is available on Windows, Linux (via Steam), and Macintosh OS. Just like the other RPG game out there, Grime offers a lot of exciting adventures for players. If you’re one of the Grime players trying to reach the end of the game, you may have been wondering how long it takes to finish Grime.

How long to beat Grime?

As mentioned earlier, Grime is a story-based video game. No matter what your platform is, the story will be the same. So, how long to beat and finish the game?

By estimate, an average player can complete the main story of Grime within 10 to 11 hours. This estimated completion time is using the normal mode difficulty of Grime. Of course, if you select a higher difficulty, the completion time of Grim will be a little bit longer.

Grime has a total of 35 achievements. While most of the achievements are based on the story of the game and will normally unlock, there are some achievements that require some effort. For completionists, obtaining all the achievements and completing the main story will take around 12 hours. Achievements like Bloodhunter, Skinmaker, and Instruments are a bit grindy as you need to find all items in the game.

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