Mini Motorways

How Long Does it Take to Beat Mini Motorways?

Mini Motorways is one of the newest strategy simulation games for PC and Nintendo Switch. The PC version of Mini Motorways just launched last July 20th, and since its release, the game has already been flocked by many PC gamers. With the popularity of the game right now, many are asking how long to does it take to beat Mini Motorways.

How long to beat Mini Motorways?

According to a recent survey, the main story of Mini Motorways will only take a total of 2 hours to complete. But just like any other strategy game out there, Mini Motorways also includes some extras.

For the extras of Mini Motorways, you will need to bring an addition of 1 hour, making the main story and extras of Mini Motorways to a total of 3 hours to complete. Since the achievements of Mini Motorways are almost story-related, you should be able to get all of them within your regular gameplay.

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