Twelve Minutes

How Long Does it Take to Beat Twelve Minutes?

Twelve Minutes is the newest video game released this August 2021 developed by Luis Antonio and published by Annapurna Interactive. As of the moment, Twelve Minutes is available on Windows PC via Steam, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X and S. With the interactive thriller-themed feature of the game, many are wondering how long to finish Twelve Minutes. Wondering how will it take to complete the game? Check out the details below.

How long to beat Twelve Minutes?

According to the game developer, an average player can complete the main story of Twelve Minutes within 7 to 8 hours. While this is the estimated completion time stated by the developer, it seems that the community on Steam has managed to finish the game in just 3 to 6 hours.

User wannachupbrew confirmed on Twelve Minutes community that he was able to finish the game within 3 hours to get the good ending of the game. While he managed to finish the game in just three hours, he emphasized that there could be some extra stuff in Twelve Minutes that he missed.

Twelve Minutes has a total of 12 achievements and most of them can be unlocked in a single playthrough. Take note that there are reports about some achievement bugs in the game, which could be the reason why you didn’t unlock the achievement. As of writing, the developer is yet to address these Twelve Minutes achievements issues.

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