The Last of Us Part 2

How Not to Kill The Guard Dogs in The Last of Us Part 2

Apart from the infected, another most dangers creature in The Last of Us Part 2 are the dogs. These dogs are usually accompanied by the enemies and they are trained to sniff and track your locations. While the game now allows you to take down the dogs attacking you, there are also some ways to avoid them and give them a chance to live.

There’s actually no reason for us to kill the man’s best friend. If you’re one of the fans who hate killing these innocent dogs because of the evil actions of their humans, The Last of Us 2 will allow you to spare their lives. In this The Last of Us 2 guide, we will be telling you how not to kill the dogs in the game.

The Last of Us Part 2

How Not to Kill the Dogs in TLOU 2

The militant organization known as the Washington Liberation Front have been using dogs in The Last of Us Part 2. When the dog finally started getting your scent, they will not stop hunting your location even if you hide. Revealing your location to these smart dogs will just put you in danger which is why you should avoid them. But what you should do when the guard dogs have already got your scent?

Since this guide will focus on avoiding taking the lives of the guard dogs, let’s forget the normal way of taking them out. Instead, let’s focus on how to save them. If you don’t want to take down the dogs and also don’t want to be caught, all you need to do is throw an object to the opposite direction.

Throwing any object like a bottle or brick will distract the dog’s attention which results of losing your scent. Once the dog checks the object that you throw, you can sneak and take care of the guards silently. This method works like a charm. Repeat this method if the dog picked up your scent again.

But what should you do if the dog spotted and catch your location? Since we don’t want to take any innocent lives here, all you need to do is run until you lost them.

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