How to Access the Secret Room in NG+ in Pocket Mirror ~ GoldenerTraum

Discovering Henri’s room in New Game + within the game Pocket Mirror ~ GoldenerTraum: A comprehensive location guide.

Important Note

To access Henri’s room in New Game+, you need to have completed the game and unlocked the New Game+ mode by achieving any of the normal endings.

Key Locations

Fleta’s Library:

  1. To begin, make your way to the library and locate the ladder positioned at the far right. Ascend the ladder and take a moment to read the book titled “A Boy’s Midnight Journey.”
  2. As you read the book, you will come across a prompt. Choose the option “Look more into it” to delve deeper into the story.
  3. Upon reaching the conclusion of the book, you will be rewarded with a valuable blue key.

IMPORTANT: Ensure that you only select the specified option “Look more into it” to avoid the book disappearing.


In the hollow, a peculiar door will mysteriously manifest on the right side. Take note of this newly appeared door as it will be relevant for your future exploration.

Dusk Cont.

  • Proceed to enter the room located on the far right.
  • In this room, locate the shelf positioned towards the back and climb up onto it.

  • Retrieve the wax record.
  • Return to the first floor and insert the wax record into the machine.
  • Playing the wax record will result in the acquisition of a blue key.

Post-Party Storage Room

  • Follow the required steps to solve the normal mirror puzzle.
  • Once the puzzle is solved, direct your attention to the right.
  • Utilize your pocket mirror.
  • As a result, a shelf will materialize before you.

  • Approach the book that manifests before you, seemingly blank. Proceed to read its contents. When presented with the option, select “Look more into it” once again.
  • As a result of your choice, a blue key will be granted to you.


Head back to the Dusk section and utilize all of the keys you have acquired to unlock the door. This will grant you access to Henri’s room, where you will uncover additional story elements, earn an achievement, and discover various charms.

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