How to Access the Secret Room in Placid Plastic Duck Simulator

In this guide, I will walk you through accessing the secret rooms to get the Easter eggs the dev dropped into the game!


I recently figured out how to access some Easter egg rooms within the game. I haven’t seen any guides for this yet, so I’m making an in-depth guide on Steam to try and help. I’m gonna walk you through the step-by-step process on how to solve the puzzles that give you the Easter eggs.

First Map (Infinity Cool)

The door we are accessing for the first part of the secret is located on the Infinity Cool map. When you look around the pool, you’ll notice a large metal door on the building behind it.

If you right-click and hover over the door, it should highlight in red. When you click on the door, you’re faced with this keypad. Our first clue for this is actually the little blackboard duck that has a message written on it. It says “The door will open when you find the” and the last word is blurred. (The last word is code). You don’t have to wait for the duck to spawn for this to work; it’s just a clue.

Second Map (Quacking the Ice)

The map we need to start on for the room is actually the Quacking the Ice map. When you go into the room with the fireplace, you’ll see a curtain on the right side of the room. It’s closed when you first get to the map, but after some time passes, it will open and reveal our second clue.

Our second clue is pictures of a few of the ducks. In the bottom left, we have an old-fashioned-looking duck with a psychedelic duck in the middle.

(The painting on the right shows the ducks playing a card game. You’ll notice that one of them is cheating, and oddly enough, if you scan the ghost duck with the cyborg duck, it will give you an info message that says he’s a cheater. Was he murdered by one of the other ducks?) We can also see the secret service duck nearby.

On the top right, you’ll notice a strange poster with numbers on it. They are ASCII numbers which I converted into text for you. They translate into LSDina.

We now need to head back to the Infinity Cool.

Return to the First Map

On the first map, you’re going to rename your psychedelic duck LSDina. You will also name the cartoon-looking duck Hedy. This will change its name into a number over top of the duck. The number is different for everyone. For me, it turned into 22 and 51.

You get Hedy’s name in the form of a Morse code message on the radio if you tune into 97.0 FM.

After naming both of your ducks, enter this code into the keypad on the door, which will take you into the first room. The soda can is on the table in this picture. You can’t see it here because I already grabbed it. But it needs to be collected for the next steps to work.

On the right of the room, you will see dominoes on a bench. I’m not sure if the pattern is different for everyone, but it’s a password for the next step, if you choose to get the second Easter egg.

Now you should notice your new soda can sitting on the table next to the small pool.

If you’ve done all of the steps correctly, you should see this icon on your screen somewhere when in the main menu.

Part 2 (Hippospace map)

Congratulations! You made it into the secret room! Now we are going to head over to the Hippo Space map to collect the second soda can. It is a DLC, so if you don’t have it, you’ll have to spend the $1 to get the map.

Our first area of interest is this little tunnel with the tentacle inside of it.

If you wait a bit, the tentacle will actually move to one side, and your ducks will end up inside of this little dome room with a console on one side.

On the right side of the console, there is a hatch containing a duck with a TV head. Click on this hatch to release the duck because we will need him later.

Now, turning our attention back to the console, we will be entering the pattern from the dominoes that we found in the 1st secret room. Mine looked like this.

After entering this pattern, the screen on the bottom left will display an 8-digit password.

For example, mine was c4a0aee.

Now that we have our password, we need to go to the duck launcher which you can sit inside of.

There is a terminal inside that we are able to use for this Easter egg.

For our username, it’s actually located on the astronaut duck’s suit. It’s kind of hard to see in this screenshot, but it’s G.Toto.

Accessing the terminal

I put this one in its own section because there are a few steps to go through when you are inside of the terminal to get the second Easter egg.

First, we are going to enter in G.Toto as the username.

Enter your password that you got from solving the puzzle on the console.

Once you enter these, the screen will look like this.

If you’re familiar with DOS commands, this will make sense, but don’t worry I’m going to walk you through anyways 🙂 I put the command you need in parenthesis, but don’t enter those, just the text in between them.

First, enter (/dir) and then hit enter.

It should take you to this screen

Next, we need to access the forsaken folder.

You can do this by typing (cd forsaken folder).

Within this section, you need to access its directory. You do so by typing (dir).

You will then need to try and access the Texture.db file that shows up. Which will give you a message saying that the file is corrupted. Type (open Texture.db).

Now we need to return to the main directory again. We can do this by typing (cd ..) If it sends you back to the blank screen, just type (/dir) again to make the menus show up.

If we now open up the log directory, we will see a new message there.

Now enter (cd log).

You should notice a new error log. Open the error log by typing (open error.log).

You should get a screen with this message.

You can open the midi logs by going back to the main screen in the terminal and entering (cd sounds) The X,Y,Z spots are answered by opening the midi files as the location of the letter G in each file corresponds with X,Y,Z locations. Midi.1=X Midi.2=Y Midi.3=Z

The code GXXXXGYYYGZZZ in this case is actually G2222G666G444704.

Now locate your TV duck again and rename him to this code from the previous step, which will change his face to this. Which will unlock the next terminal step.

Enter (cd ..) in the terminal to return to the main terminal screen and then enter (cd sys).

Now enter dir and hit enter. In this screen, we are going to type (open spawner.exe).

Congratulations! You now just unlocked the second can of pineapple juice for your game.

There is also a new item that shows up in the little folder icon on your screen. It’s ENV.SCENE.

I haven’t figured out if it does anything in particular, but I think it might be part of an upcoming update for the Dev’s hidden puzzles. I hope this guide helps!

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