How to Avoid Medikit Bug in Commandos 3 HD Remaster

A guide on how to avoid the dreaded Medikit bug in the original Commandos 3/Original difficulty in the remaster.

The bug

In Commandos 3, the developers implemented a system where medikits will be auto-used on damage.

Unfortunately, it appears they nerfed medikits before release and didn’t check if this actually still worked as intended.

So, on Original Difficulty (it appears the boosted Medikit healing of Rookie mode unintentionally fixes this) if a Commando sustains enough damage from an MP40/picks up Medikits while wounded, you’ll use up all 5 medikits for the health of one singular medikit.

Needless to say, this makes an already difficulty entry even harder but I have discovered a workaround for this bug.

Avoiding the bug

For C3 Rookie mode, you don’t need to worry about this bug as mentioned earlier but for Original difficulty and the original game we will have to work around it:

While you could just place the medikits in the inventory of a Commando you are keeping out of danger, that’s not always possible and especially impossible in solo missions.

The workaround is simple, you need to place your medikits in a container (or when finding medikits when wounded in a container) such as either a crate or a dead body and take them out individually, hold SHIFT and click on the medikit to take a single medikit from the stack, place it in your inventory and close the menu.

That one medikit will be auto-used, repeat this process until you stop auto-using medikits then store them back in the container.

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