How to Beat All Bosses in LEGO STAR WARS The Force Awakens

This is the guide how to defeat every bosses from LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens. NOTE: This guide is only covered Story Mode. NOT Free Play mode and Red Power Brick extras will be off. This will also NOT cover heavy enemies because they are not bosses.

Emperor Palpatine (The Battle of Endor)

If you have played

LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga, you know his fight where you’re dual with lightsabers. But in this game, his boss battle is completey DIFFERENT.

You can’t go attack Palpatine. You’re be zapped if you get close to him. You have to force the crane arms to damage him. One you use the force crane arms, Palpatine will break it, now you have to multi-build it. For X-Wing, let Luke Skywalker do his job by building on right. For TIE Fighter, let Darth Vader do on the left.

You used the multi-build, you knocked to lower ground. Palpatine will create a barrier to protect himself. You still can’t attack him. There’s more weak spots! Throw your lightsaber at the top to damage Palpatine, and then force left and right the bombs (use Darth Vader to open at right) to damage more. You have defeated Palpatine? Not yet, He zapping Luke Skywalker! Now spam the buttons to get at Palpatine. Ones you made him, finish Palpatine off by throwing him at the pit.

1. Deal with Imperial Royal Guard first before you attack Palpatine.

2. Be careful, the Force Lightning where Palpatine cast it!

3. You can’t get close to him! He’ll zap you.

4. Force the crane arms to damage him!

5. After forcing the arms, Palpatine destroy the arms.

6. Use the multi-build to damage more!

7. You’re done with multi-build, Palpatine creates a barrier.

8. Look out for build attack! Dodge it.

9. Throw your lightsaber at the top!

10. Force the bombs to damage again!

11. You’re not done yet. Palpatine zaps Luke.

12. Spam the buttons to attack Palpatine!

13. Time to finish him! Just throw Palpatine at the pit to defeat him.

Rathtar (The Eravana)

The Rathtar is the strange boss fight if you in the last checkpoint at this level. You can’t go after it, you’re stay away. Maybe we NEED heavy attacks.

First, wait for Rathtar to pick up the crate, then sharp shoot the target to explode the crate. You’re have to go left and multi-build to get the next one. Ones the next one is here, shoot at target again.

You have to go right and have the crab droid to help you. Build the crab droid and walk up at Rathtar. The crab droid will splay Rathtar. Dealing more damage, but Rathtar destroy it. You’re have to get the 3rd crate.

Shoot the last target and build into a turret. The turret is more powerful, so just keep shooting at it and you’re stop it.

1. Defeat enemies first before you shoot a target at the crate.

2. One crate down! So you have to multi-build to get the next crate.

3. After the 2nd one, you’re going to get the crab droid.

4. Rebuild crab droid and walk up at Rathtar to splay it.

5. Rathtar destroys crab droid, but there’s only one crate left.

6. Ones you’re done with final crate, you ready to build.

7. Build into the turret to fire at Rathtar until it’s no more.

FN-2199 (Battle of Takodana)

Now you’re ready to fight that stormtrooper! But, this time, it’s BOSS TROOPER!

You can’t attack FN-2199 because he always charge at you. You need to keep jumping and rolling until he get’s tired. When he’s tired, attack him! Even you keep attacking FN-2199, he performing the slam attack, so STAY OUT AWAY! This attack defeats you.

You going to multi-build because you can’t get over FN-2199. Build wish objects that can force him. Ones you’re multi-build, he chase you again, so repeat the same thing!

Ones FN-2199 downs at 1 heart. Finn is going to finish him. Spam the buttons and clash him and you’re be done.

1. Your downstabs can’t not defeat him quickly. You have to dodge his attacks.

2. When FN-2199 is tired, attack! When he’s not tired, he is going to slam attack. Keep out his way!

3. You need to multi-build to force FN-2199 to chase again.

4. And spam the buttons to clash FN-2199 after he’s down to 1 heart!

Captain Phasma (Starkiller Sabotage)

This is the only boss to fight Phasma with the blaster battle. Phasma stands on top, so you can’t aim her. You have to watch out for her projectiles and explodes. After you avoid, Phasma runs to the left side, and rapid fire her projectiles. Find the weak spot to toss explodes to damage her! And do the same thing at right.

Ones you damage her again, Phasma bring out the turret. You still need to focus to avoid the projectiles, and beware of rockets! Ones the turret overheats, shoot the target to damage her!

Ones both targets are down, Chewbacca will charge at Phasma. Spam the buttons to knock her down and we’re able to control her!

1. Focus yourself to avoid Phasma’s attacks.

2. Phasma goes to other side after you avoid her attacks.

3. Blow the sliver one up to damage Phasma!

4. You damage her with explodes. Now Phasma gets on the turret. Keep avoiding until the turret overheats. When the turret overheats, hit the target!

5. You destroyed the turret. Spam the attack button to knock Phasma down!

Kylo Ren (Unmasked) (The Finale) (FINAL BOSS)

This is the final boss at this game. Kylo Ren wants to dual last time.

You can’t damage Ren until he’s ready for opening attack. Just dodge his attacks until he’ll lunges you. Spam your buttons to damage Ren and repeat!

When Ren force freeze you, you can’t move now. But your partner can help. Switch to your partner and use the multi-build to distract Ren. This will keep force freeze away. So you can do the same thing from above. After your attack, Ren knock Finn’s lightsaber away! You have to force the lightsaber to give it to Rey.

You going on the next stage. You have less room then first one. So keep dodging Ren attacks until you can damage him. Enemies has appeared, so defeat the enemies first then you repeat process again. Ren will force freeze you again, switch to your partner again and grapple the tree where Ren at to “turn” him into snowman. Ren flees, you need to catch up.

Ones you at the last stage, you finishing off Ren. Charge your lightsaber to knock Ren down, then spam an attack button to keep attacking him. Defeating this final boss.

1. You have to dodge Ren’s attacks until he’ll lunges you. Spam your buttons to damage him!

2. After damaging him enough, Ren force freeze you! Switch your partner.

3. Use the multi-build to distract Ren, freezing him with ice will break out of force freeze!

4. After damage Ren again, he knock Finn’s lightsaber away! Have Rey force the lightsaber so she’ll get ready!

5. You on next stage. You have less room to dodge Ren’s attacks.

6. Stun Ren so this is YOUR chance to damage him!

7. Ren freezes you again. Switch your partner this time!

8. Grapple the tree where Ren was and “turn” him into snowman!

9. You on the last stage, walk up at Ren and knock him down.

10. Keep pressing the attack button at Ren and you’re defeat the final boss!

Dejarik Battle Bosses

On Dejarik Battle, boss will appear at every wave (expect wave 1). When the boss appears, try to defeat them!

The boss in order is: Heavy Stormtrooper, Captain Phsama, HURID-327, Kylo Ren, and Rancor.

Every move can damage them you wanted. So try to pick the best move to defeat them.

Ones you defeat Dejarik Battle bosses, you get a nice reward!

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