How to Beat All Bosses in OTXO

This will be a guide on how to beat all the bosses in OTXO

Inbreed Basilisk

The Basilisk is the first and probably the most easiest boss you will face here are some general tips to at least make it efficient.

Best Weapon

Use this if your lazy

If your confident with accuracy


  • Just shoot it until it is down and stick somewhat close to it meaning wherever it moves you just follow.
  • The head is the weak spot so just shoot that spot if you are in a hurry but other wise just shoot it’s body and it achieves the same result.
  • Make distance if it starts attacking since the attacks are pretty easy to dodge if you stay the hell away from it’s lasers
  • Watch out for the RPG attack since that is the only devastating attack the boss has

A pic of it in its Ouroboros phase use this to start shooting the living hell out of it

Laser shooting proximity

The Legionary

This will probably be your 2nd or 3rd boss but this guy is a bit trickier you need patience and consistency to beat him

Best weapon

Idk what it is with this SMG but it is one of the highest damaging ones in its class



  • Wherever the spear lands stick to its side, since once that spear is stuck to the wall it will start shooting bullets until it runs out, once it runs out of ammo it will self destruct.
  • As much as possible try not to fire too much at the guy, since he will raise his shield up and that thing actually deflects bullets and it will damage you.
  • Roll away once he starts using his sword, you will notice this after he has thrown his spear the follow up attack is an attack that uses his swords
  • Anticipate for the minigun attack idk if it’s a rare case type of thing but basically if you still haven’t killed him for a little while he will start using his shield and it will reveal a minigun that you have to dodge around

Spear Attack

Minigun Attack

One of the two sword attacks

The Abhorrence

This one usually appears as the 3rd boss a bit more easier than Legionary

Best Weapon

This the best weapon for the boss since you just need a gun with lots of ammo but a bit faster reload time



  • Avoid the bouncing balls. These balls actually explode when you collide with them so watch out for it.
  • Murder the hatched lizards if you leave those little ♥♥♥♥♥ alive you’re probably gonna get killed, since those annoying bastards have greater dodge chance than a Rogue build for Payday 2.
  • Stick to the edge and dodge roll once it starts forming into a ball since it will start shooting spikes that almost covers the whole area.
  • Just keep shooting it unlike the legionary this one doesn’t have anything to protect itself so shoot with your hearts content.
  • Stick near to its tail since it has this machine gun type of attack and since they don’t home to you, you can just stick behind him to dodge most of it’s attack.

Preparing the Spike Attack

Hatched Lizards

Indicator of the spike attack

Senior Grand Botanist

This one is either your second or fourth boss you need accuracy on your side to beat this one.

Best WeaponThe damage is high enough to actually kill it decently fast



  • Stick to one side since most of the machine gun attacks can be dodge rolled easily.
  • Prioritize the sentries if you leave those things working they will just keep shooting until you are dead and unlike the legionary’s spear it doesn’t run out of ammo so shoot them.
  • Move to different areas once it starts spawning drones, the drones are your only main problem with him since half the time they will home to you and explode. So move around once they start spawning

Minigun attack

Sentry attack

Drone Attack

Mr Manslaughter

Around 4th to 5th boss this guy is basically like the botanist but somewhat way easier.

Best Weapon

You need a gun with fast fire rate and decent reload time to beat him since like the basilisk he has one of the biggest hitbox in game.


  • Stick somewhat close to him unlike the Botanist this one will try to close the corners or edges of the map so just stick moderately close to it, not too close just close enough.
  • Just use dodge roll like a lot compared to The Botanist this guy just shoots and doesn’t spawn anything significant so just roll and shoot.
  • Watch out for the acid that is the only concern you will have about him, since the acid is an area denial thing which goes back to the first tip stick moderately close to him
  • Circle around him, he has a harder time shooting you when you move around a lot.

Acid attack you need to avoid


The harder version of The Legionary since this guy’s attack has no pauses but he doesn’t have a shield like the Legion so no need to worry about bullets deflecting.

Best Weapon

You need a gun with big ammo to maximize the damage you can deal on him



  • Circle around him compared to other bosses to actually dodge most of his attacks you just have to circle around him, since he doesn’t have a spinning attack like The Botanist or area attack like The Abhorrence and his attacks doesn’t cover the entire map compared to Deabrua so you have space to dodge around.
  • Keep your eyes on him same scenario with Deabrua he does teleport but your main concern is his shadow clone, since the shadow clone doesn’t take damage meaning once half of his health is gone. it is a game of who can kill the other faster.
  • The sword is the key what I mean by this is that you can predict the attack by looking at his sword.
  • Position yourself so you can shoot the shadow clone and the actual boss you can watch them more effectively. If you position them and yourself into sort of a line it not just shoots the main boss but you can also keep a close eye on the shadow clone since they are beside each other.

The boss and the shadow clone lined up good way to keep an eye on them

Swipe attack

Laser Attack


Probably the hardest one you will ever face since this guy is basically a combination of Abhorrence and Ehiztaria, you will need to be decked out or have luck on your side to beat him.

Best Weapon

You need a miracle weapon to beat him since most LMGs have slow reload time and AR do have good damage but low ammo count meaning you will be constantly reloading


Assuming you have the drinks to back it up here is a good weapon against it

Best Drink

You can compensate the lack of weapons by getting some drinks based on experience here are a some drinks that will help

Drop On -needs you to be close to him to get the damage

Technomancer -the only companion in the game that will help you in boss fights

The Wanderer -this will only activate in focus but it will help you when you need some extra firepower

Mass Accelerator -Needs distance for big damage to apply

Fidelity- better than Black Market since you need another perk in order for you to get value for black market

Halo- Assurance also helps avoid some of the damage he is likely to do

Bullet Prince -The best one for this boss since you don’t need to reload and you can keep shooting


  • WATCH Him you cannot take your eyes away from him since unlike the other boss his attacks are bit more unpredictable since the telltale signs are not that easy to tell and teleportation is involved. So Watch Him
  • Use focus when he starts the rapid fire attack in general the most devastating attack in his arsenal is this rapid fire attack he does so use your focus to dodge and shoot at him
  • Try to stick beside him, since the guy teleports in corners instead of circling around him your best bet is to stick in to his side, think of him as the Legion’s spear but it teleports and it shoots other things
  • Good Luck you will need it since his shooting attacks are more devastating than most enemies I have ever encountered

Arms spread = Shooting Attack

Arms Together = Floor trap

One arm stretched = Shooting Attack

Red Mask

People count this guy as a boss so I will put him here and he is also the person that will be stopping you from beating the heart of the mansion


  • Just shoot him
  • Kick him to add insult to injury

Dead Meat

The Heart of The Mansion

The first phase of the final boss sort of very easy to defeat you just need to be fast if you don’t wanna die prematurely

Best Weapon

This gun has the highest fire rate of all the weapon classes combined so grab it early on in case it doesn’t spawn in the choose your weapon section.


You just need a gun with a fast fire rate and big ammo so yeah


  • When you enter room you have to shoot it in order to start the battle so make sure your absolutely ready
  • Watch the turrets at the top side of the heart since those are your primary concern they shoot acid and regular bullets
  • Once it reaches half of it’s health it will start shooting lasers position yourself properly
  • Keep firing you need it to die quickly to avoid the complications of you dying to it

The wall mounted guns near the heart

Upcoming Laser Attack

The Forsaken Heart

The second phase of the boss if you played Project Touhou this will probably be a cakewalk for you otherwise here some tips to help you survive and beat it.

No More weapon suggestion since whatever you bought in the first phase will still be used for this one


  • Move in a circle your main concern is the eyes and they also rotate around the heart you have to move consistently to shoot it consistently
  • Dodge roll any attack it does apparently most of it’s attack can just be dodge rolled
  • Keep shooting at it your objective is to kill that thing as fast as possible so once you exit dodge roll just keep shooting the damn thing
  • Don’t stick too close to it, compared to the first phase the eyeballs could do a pincer attack on you stick close to the heart so put some distance

RPG Attack

Machine Gun Attack

Laser Attack

Mine Attack

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