How to Beat All Bosses in The Brew Barons

Beating all bosses in The Brew Barons has never been this easier.


To tackle the ship boss effectively, target the air vents situated on each side of the vessel.

As the encounter progresses, the vents closest to the rear will become armored. You can expose these protected vents by eliminating the smaller ships, causing them to collide with the boss and reveal the vulnerable areas.

Additionally, keep an eye out for turrets deployed by the ship on the island; neutralizing these turrets can aid in your victory.


The plane boss presents four weak points located on its wing engines, with two on each side, vulnerable to attacks from both above and below.

During the battle, the uppermost two weak points become shielded. You can unveil these protected areas by targeting a sliding mechanism along the top surface of the plane.

Beware of the plane’s widespread area-of-effect (AoE) attack initiated from above, which subsides after approximately six seconds, allowing for a window to safely engage the boss.

The boss also dispatches smaller planes, which can be destroyed but are often best avoided, as they tend to respawn periodically.


The zeppelin boss features three internal weak points that need to be exploited.

To infiltrate the zeppelin, manipulate red balloons to approach the small air intake vents. These balloons latch onto you, reducing your mobility but aiding in accessing the zeppelin.

Once all three air intake vents are obstructed by the balloons, the front hatch opens, granting entry to confront the three spinning rings serving as weak points.

Keep an eye out for the zeppelin’s deployment of cannon-bearing balloons, which can be neutralized to reduce incoming threats.


The submarine adversary possesses four weak points: one at the front, one at the rear, and two on the sides.

While the front and rear weak points are immediately susceptible to damage, the side weak points require exposure. To achieve this, target the barrel-shaped weights atop the submarine to tilt it sideways, revealing the vulnerable areas.

The submarine exhibits unpredictable diving and resurfacing patterns throughout the encounter.

Expect assistance from smaller submarines aiding the boss, although they are relatively easy to dispatch.

Both the boss and its smaller submarines unleash homing missiles, which, despite their tracking capability, can be evaded by employing evasive maneuvers such as circular flight patterns and timely boosts. Alternatively, flying beneath a missile prompts it to dive into the sea or self-destruct after a period.

Final Boss

The final boss presents multiple stages and corresponding weak points demanding strategic attention.

Commence by targeting the two engines located at the rear of the hovercraft, subsequently exposing another weak point beneath the craft. Engage this revealed weak point to trigger the hovercraft to dispense ammunition, which proves invaluable in subsequent stages.

Progress to the second stage by targeting the four engines situated at the front of the boss, revealing two additional weak points, one on each side of the frontal section.

During this phase, a flying market zeppelin enters the arena. Utilize the dropping ammunition and dock with the market zeppelin.

Finally, direct the cannon towards the boss and aim for the two weak points atop the boss. Note that firing the cannon may require prolonged holding of the “Action” button for optimal effect.

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