How to Beat DJ Music Man in Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach

This guide will teach you the easiest method to beating the DJMM Boss.

Starting the fight

Now, before you start, I just want you to know that you will need to use your stunner. (preferably a Fazerblaster). To start to the fight, head up the stairs on the left of the elevator. Careful to avoid all security bots (as they will summon Chica through their satanic black magic), you make your way right from the stairs and at the VERY end, there will be a lone security bot patrolling in a circle by a metal door. Go through the door, and, if you’re doing the Princess Quest Canon Ending, now would be the ideal time to go and play it. Go into the very obvious security door. Recharge your flashlight, save, and pull out your stunner. Now walk over to the security Freddy badge.

Breakers 0-1

As you move to the badge, the lights will shut off because the stupid security system isn’t stupid enough to let a 12 year old boy control the entire Pizzaplex. You must now make your way back to the Music Man you undoubtedly saw when entering the West Arcade. There will be a breaker on the raised diaz at the side. Click it. Music will play and DJMM will have pulled an Alastor and disappear. Now, make your way to the hallway with the security bot going in a large rectangle. Go to the bathroom on the other side. Once inside, go into the shed. There will be a breaker, click it. At this point, the DJ White pers- Music Man will be crawling into the doorframe. Make sure to stay in the left door. Once he sees you, he will begin feeling around the left door. Now’s your chance. Go to the right door and BOOK IT, careful to avoid his legs, down the right hallway, which will lead you back to the room you started in.

Breaker 2

When you enter the green elevator room, head right, and into Monty’s arcade area, where he will be walking in circles. When he isn’t looking, run over to the stroller on the left side, where a stupid security bot will be patrolling. Hide, if needed, and when both Monty and the security bot are gone, speed-crouch over to the breaker. Hide, and when Monty isn’t looking, press the breaker and speed-crouch out and up the stairs.

Breaker 3

Once up the stairs, go left, where most likely, Chica the throat goat will be waiting for you. Either be super stealth, like you’re meant to do, or be like me, and bolt through the right side of the walkway until you make it to a hiding space next to a breaker. Note that this is almost straight above the Monty breaker. Once you press it, bolt it back to the place where the security office was.

The Final Start-up Breaker

Now, make your way to the end of that long hall that leads to where PQ2 is, and memorize every way through, as this will be important in a second. When you get to the end, to the right of the PQ2 Cabinet, there will be a breaker on the wall. Brace yourself and pull the lever, Kron- When you press it, a cut-scene showing DJMM crawling out of the very heavily theorized for no freaking reason wire hole, and the chase scene will start. Remember when I said to memorize the ways out? Well, DJMM throws stuff in your way as you run away from him. If your path is blocked, find another way out FAST. This part is fairly simple, but definitely adrenaline-inducing. When you make your way back to the security office, the scene is over, and you can finally save. Put the head in the machine, and you can make your way back to the Roxy Raceway, and when you make your way to the exit, you can dance with DJMM, as he is now completely docile.

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