How to Beat Five Nights at Freddy’s 2

This is the Ultimate FNAF 2 Guide to teach you how to beat the game!

Night 1

The first night is quite easy and straightforward; there aren’t many issues to be concerned about.

Only Toy Chica and Bonnie will attack you tonight; Toy Freddy may, but is unlikely to.

Toy Freddy: He enters your office through the front hallway. When he enters your office, he usually waits for you to turn off the cameras rather than forcing them to do so. Put on the Freddy mask to frighten him away because he will emit a noise that sounds like static while he is in your office!

Toy Chica and Toy Bonnie both act the same way but make use of different vents. They will scurry into your office’s vents. Put on the Freddy mask when you finally spot them with your vent light! Do not wait until they start making the static sounds.

Puppet: Since it is night 1, the white circle next to the “Wind up music box” button will not disappear until 2 AM on Prize Corner at Cam 11. Puppet is on every night. The wind up button must be clicked and held to raise it again. Don’t let it expire. otherwise, you might meet your end.

Avoid a miserable death!

Night 2

Although Night 2 is similar to Night 1, you will be attacked by every toy animatronic this night! Keep in mind that the music box will start to deplete quickly.

Mangle, who lies in Kid’s Cove and is mobile, has announced that she will relocate this evening. Put on the Freddy mask when you see her with your vent light and hear a static noise when he enters the vents, just like Toy Bonnie! However… If she enters your hallway, beam your light at her until she leaves. She can utilize the passageway.

Withered Foxy: This evening, Withered Foxy will act. He’s never captured on video. He frequently shows up, and at certain hours of the night, he will enter your hallway and stand there. To get him to leave, just flash him.

Balloon Boy: This evening, Balloon Boy might act, but it’s uncertain. He is only visible on the left vent and the Game Area cameras. Put on the mask when you see him with your vent light till you hear thumping, then take it off and see if he’s still there.

Night 3

Old animatronics in Parts & Service, often known as “the withereds,” will launch an attack this evening.

No toys will be attacked; only the withereds.

Track Puppet down!

Withered Chica and Withered Bonnie both exhibit the same behaviors but make use of different vents. Put on your Freddy Mask when they enter the vents and then wait for them to enter the office.
They resemble Toy Freddy in several ways.

Withered Freddy: Withered Freddy uses the main hallway to attack, same as Withered Chica and Bonnie.

Foxy hasn’t changed despite being withered.

Night 4

The characters will act much more quickly now, and Night 4 is particularly tough. Only a small portion of the toys will be attacked by the withereds. The puppet’s music box is now considerably quicker! On this night, there are no new characters.

Night 5

This one is very challenging.

One tactic I like to employ is to put on the Freddy Mask as soon as your monitor is turned off, just in case.

Withered Golden Freddy is in your office this evening, where he will emerge at random and slumped. Put on the Freddy Mask to instantly make him vanish.

You are nearly there!

Night 6

Due of the quick music box, this is the trickiest night. You will be attacked by EVERY character, and they all move swiftly.

There is no calm in this night.

The music box is very irritating.

You may see how your night might be like in the video.

Mask Frames

Put on your mask as quickly as possible! You’ve got almost any time left!

The number of frames you receive when an animatronic is present in your office is as follows.

Night 1 = 100 frames
Night 2 = 80 frames
Night 3 = 60 frames
Night 4 = 55 frames
Night 5&6 = 50 frames
Night 7/Custom Night = 45 frames

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