How to Beat Frozen Scenario in Terminus: Zombie Survivors

Super quick guide for the Frozen scenario in Terminus: Zombie Survivors.


Note: The guide was written for early access version 0.9.7. Information may change as development continues!

This will be be a simple, fast guide. Just wanted to make it a little easier for anyone going for 100% achievements. Frozen is the hardest of the 3 alternative scenarios, but it’s actually rather easy once you know all the tricks.

Frozen scenario decreases the starting temperature by 20°. It adds snow, which increases the AP to change locations by 50%. Finally, zombies attack and action power are reduced by 50%.

Since the power of zombies is reduced 50%, this effectively doubles the HP of doors/windows. A door that normally takes 5 hits to destroy in classic scenario now take 10 hits. Additionally, zombies attack less times/turn. This means check your door/window HP before you camp down and light a fire. A 10 HP door/window can stop zombies from entering for hours while you rest!


To beat this scenario, the easiest class is Ranger. Rangers can kindle a fire using only planks, no lighters are needed. Second, the unique perk Preserve Warmth raises their minimum warmth by one degree/level.

Non-ranger classes have a minimum warmth of 0, and take 1 HP damage/turn at the lowest temp. With Warmth I, the max cold damage taken is 0.7 HP/turn. With Warmth II, the max cold damage taken is 0.33 HP/turn. With Warmth III, the max cold damage take is 0.25 HP/turn.

The easiest, safest way to stay alive is getting level 3 in Preserve Warmth. This makes cold damage taken minuscule – in fact, you don’t even need to wear or carry clothing. Since Warmth is so vital taking Veteran I or Veteran II traits is good, because it allows you to choose one or two extra skills. I took Veteran I, Infection Resistance, and Alcohol Preference to gain 10 morale from alcohol and not die if I got bitten.

Because snow adds a 50% AP penalty for changing locations, I put all 3 stat points in Health. You are going to be using a LOT of AP to change locations. When leveling up, prioritize Pathfinder or Adeline’s Thread skills if available. If not, take Preserve Warmth.


Route is basically the same as a classic scenario, except you need to light fires to restore HP. While warm, you gain 0.5 HP/turn. A hot fire makes you warm in 2-3 turns. This can be done either during the day or at night. Zombies are attracted to fires at night, regardless of whether you are hidden or not.

Whether you light a fire at night depends on 1) if the location is secure or not, 2) strength of nearest doors/windows, and 3) the amount of HP you’re missing. Remember, zombies do half damage in Frozen, so 10 HP is actually a strong barrier compared to Classic. If the location is secured, and the closest entryway is 10+ HP, it’s pretty safe. f you have a hammer and can reinforce the doors even better.

Once you get Warmth III, you don’t need to light fires anymore unless you want to. The HP gained from satiety and taking medicines is enough to restore the HP lost from cold.

Tip: Keep any lighters/lighter fluid you find. Although you have the Kindle ability, it’s better to use lighters to kindle a fire because then you can add an extra plank as fuel, making it hotter and faster warming.

Most locations have 2 planks so you don’t really need to carry extra on you. I did carry extra rags as fuel though. In Classic I normally carry 2 spare rags, but in Frozen I found 4 spare rags was a good amount for extra fuel if needed.

You play almost like classic when you have Warmth III perk, except for not needing to wear clothing and pausing more to change locations. To summarize: pick Ranger, get Veteran I or Veteran II to start, and make fires as required where it’s secure. Get Pathfinder and Adeline’s Thread skills if offered.

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