How to Beat Jester Chapter 4 Minigame in Darkest Dungeon II

Step into the realm of the Jester Chapter 4 minigame and prepare to uncover its enigmatic secrets, if you dare.

Game Mechanics

Within this intricate minigame, your objective is to mirror the notes that appear on the right side onto the left side, with the unpredictable Jester acting as a wildcard. Empower yourself with the following actions:

  • Propel the Jester forward, bridging the gap between realms.
  • Revisit the Jester’s previous moves, summoning its spirit to a former location.
  • Evoke a mystical disruption, rearranging the fundamental nature of the left side.
  • Command the transformation of a single note, altering its spectral vibrations.
  • These transformative rituals follow a predetermined sequence. Only by understanding these mystical rules will you discover the path to triumph.

First Melody Puzzle Solution

Witness the debut puzzle, concealed within a veil of mystical enigmas. Arrange the notes with a solemn harmony of mirrored reflection, beckoning the Jester back into obscurity. Only then shall the elusive solution of the first melody be unveiled.

Second Melody Puzzle Solution

Peer into the abyss of the second riddle, where challenges lie in wait, eager to ensnare the unwary. Resist the temptation to alter every note, for such folly breeds torment and despair. Patiently unveil the optimal path, positioning the Jester as the harbinger of the unknown. Through two alterations of the back note, the second melody shall succumb to your mastery.

Third Melody Puzzle Solution

Behold the pinnacle of enigmas, a malevolent conundrum that pushes mortal acumen to its limits. Plunge deep into the abyss of strategy, where hours surrender to contemplation. By altering the back note, bestow upon yourself the gift of chance, for amidst the random dance of shuffling, two notes align in their rightful place. Then, with a final alteration, harness the Jester’s chaotic essence as the wild card. Thus, the third melody surrenders its victory, though the whims of fate remain ever-present.

Tips and Recommendations

  • Embrace the wisdom of the ancients and wield patience as your shield. Resist the allure of haste, for recklessness, begets only calamity.
  • Unravel the tapestry of possibilities to unveil the optimal path. Seek the delicate balance between efficiency and caution, thereby taming the lurking beast of stress.
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