How to Beat Joro-Gumo in Nioh: Complete Edition

Her original encounter in the Kinki Region, Spider Nest Castle mission.


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She has a weakness to the green Wind element. So some optional things that can help boost your damage in the fight are:

– Using a Wind elemented Guardian Spirit
(Daiba-washi can either be chosen as a starter or gotten later on from “The Three Angry Gods” sidemission from Chugoku Region at level 31.)

– Using the “Wind Amulet” item to coat your weapon to deal elemental damage for its duration.

– Learning and readying the Jutsu “Talisman:Wind.” to apply to your weapon.
They work essentially the same as the Wind Amulet item, but you get x2 of them and they refresh. Its best to start the fight by using them up first if you have them and only then moving on to using the perishable Wind Amulets if still necessary.

The Fight

One basic thing before we start: the white web on the floor will slow you down so avoid running over those parts.

There are different methods to approach the boss but I used the High Stance with a Katana.

Phase 1:

If you want to be safe you can stay at a long range from her and only go in at specific moments.

If she tries to claw at you either run or roll away. She will do it 2-3 times in a row.

When she is spraying web in front of her, if you stay further away you can easily run in behind her to hit her in the back while she is doing it.

At times she will switch form and start crawling on the floor instead. Whenever she does this stay away until she will eventually begin to spin her body around. Once she is done you can go hit her in the back again.

Phase 2:

She will add more webs during this so just keep avoiding them as you are running around.

If she charges to a section of the room you can hit her after she arrives.

If you see her trying to jump at you respect it and run out of the way.

Sometimes she will lean forward to try to hug you. So whenever her front legs start glowing back off and hit her after she is done with trying.

Whatever Living Weapon you have you can use at the very end to finish it off. Alternatively if you want to use it multiple times during the fight you can use the “Small Spirit Stone” or “Spirit Stone” items to charge up your Guardian spirits gauge.

If my way doesn’t suit your playstyle or if you are a visual learner there are good guides from other people on Youtube. I have seen others prefer the Low Stance too and clear it in a way more agressive way by staying very close to her and spinning around to her back.

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