How to Beat Kamifuda Club in Chapter 27 in Kamifuda

Chapter 27’s fight seemed impossible to beat, and I spent more time than I’m willing to admit restarting it. Eventually, I went looking for a guide, and there are very few available, none specifically for that fight. So, I thought that someone might eventually get stuck, look online for help, and hopefully find this guide.

How to Beat Kamifuda Club in Chapter 27

The win condition is simply to get the opponent’s reserve to zero on the First Round without ever ending priority. In the Chapter 27 fight, you must win before ending priority; otherwise, you will not have enough reserves to survive with this deck.

The ‘minimal’ deck consists of:

  • 3x [Blood Ritual] (supplemental damage)
  • 3x [Sacrificial Rite] (combo opener)
  • 1x [Forethought]
  • 1x [Surge] (if you run out of energy)
  • 3x [Charge]
  • 3x [Blaze] (combo damage)
  • 3x [Parasite] (alternative combo damage, but less efficient)
  • 3x [Inner Peace] (for some safety if you run out of reserves near the end)

You can modify it if you don’t have all the cards, but having [Blaze] or [Parasite] is essential.


You can mix and match the order depending on your initial hand.

  • Play all 3x [Sacrificial Rite] to draw the deck.
  • Play all 3x [Blood Ritual].
  • Play 3x [Blaze].
  • Play 1x [Parasite] (if you have it) or 1x [Inner Peace], but NOT both.
  • Play 1x [Forethought] to pass priority.

The discard should always have exactly the number of cards you are drawing. If you have more, the combo will break.


Until the opponent ends priority and while you have energy:

  • 2x [Blaze] -> 1x [Charge] -> 3x [Blaze] -> 1x [Forethought]

If the opponent did not end priority and you are out of energy:

  • 2x [Blaze] -> 1x [Charge] -> 3x [Blaze] -> 1x [Surge] -> 1x [Forethought]

If you get to this point more than once, you will need to change the main loop to:

  • x [Blaze] -> 1x [Charge] -> 3x [Blaze] -> 1x [Surge] -> 1x [Forethought]

After the opponent ends priority, repeat until their reserve drops to zero (and you win):

  • 2x [Blaze] -> 1x [Charge]

When their reserve is low enough, you can simply stop the loop and use all [Parasite] and [Blaze] to finish.”

This guide about Kamifuda was written by Crazy_Mamluk. You can visit the original publication from this link. If you have any concerns about this guide, please don't hesitate to reach us here.