How to Build a Small Ship in Ostranauts

The purpose of this guide is a quick reference to help identify ships in the boneyard. Once you’ve found your ship, you can pop it open in the editor and test your custom builds.

Inspection Pod

A small craft designed for close inspection work of stations and larger ships. Seats one, and not comfortably.


One of the smallest possible spacecraft with an airlock and environmental system, the Katydid is built with MSS parts to cut down even further on weight. The final design was made even smaller when a clever engineer realized that the life support and RCS intake regulator could share a single O2 canister.


One of a series of small tugs built by Ryokka on contract with Ayotimiwa. Vessels in the Ryokka TU line are ubiquitous and sought after in the OKLG Boneyard given their efficiency for solo spacers and relatively favorable mortgage rates. It’s rumored that the corporation has dozens more factory fresh TU models mothballed in a secret hangar as a strategy to create artificial scarcity.


A Testudo-manufactured, standard-sized shipping container often stacked on super large cargo liners. Intermodals are often shunted off by small tugs on ballistic trajectories across The System, with the expectation of being caught at their destination by a second tugboat. It means a single small set of tugs can move thousands of tonnes more cargo than a freighter, but the delivery time is in the region of weeks to months rather than hours to days.

SCI Retrofit

A standard cargo container retrofitted with the bare minimum kit necessary to navigate from one point in space to another. An EVA suit is recommended in the event the origin or destination lacks air, or the trip is longer than 15 minutes. Basically a death trap. But cheap!


The Testudo Melody shares some similarities with the Ryokka TU-77a salvage pod, but with batteries, canisters, intake regulators and RCS thrusters all on the outside. It’s a more capable ship than the ubiquitous Ryokka model, but more difficult to maintain, especially without an EVA suit.

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