How to Build Perfect Quay Walls without Terrain Tools in Cities: Skylines II

How to build quay walls with zoning on one side of the road without the use of terrain tools. It’s an extremely fast and reliable way of building level quay walls. I’ve uploaded a video on how to do this as well.

Building the Quay Wall

We build a guide road that will create smooth terrain contours. The guide road needs to be a highway(without zoning) or a single node road such as a gravel road or alley. Set the guide road at 3.75m in elevation and draw a line. This brings the terrain up to the road.

We build the quay wall road of our choice next to the guide road. This road needs to be set at 5m. Since we’re only 1.25m away from the guide road, the game brings the terrain upwards to the the 5m road.

We can delete the guide road and level out the terrain on the back side. We now have a quay wall on one side with zoning on the back side.

Note: We use the highway tool because the quay wall won’t snap to the side of it and interfere with each other when drawing. It’s helpful to have a perpendicular guide road on one end or the other. This will help you snap with your quay wall as close as possible. The alley or gravel tools will allow you to snap next to them and maintain your node layout but you will need to take more time when building the quay wall as the two roads will want to snap together.

I’ve uploaded a video on YouTube to visually show how this is done.

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