How to Catch Tower Bosses in Palworld

I’ll be showing you a bug that lets you catch zoe and the other bosses

How to Catch Tower Bosses

1. Head to this town on the map

2. Walk up to the guard out front of the town

3. Then just shoot or swing on him to provoke him

4. Next use the teleporter right behind you and go to the boss tower

5. Attack the guard again and get warning lvl 2

Note: I’ve found it works better with Warning lvl 2, but i think it’ll still work with warning lvl 1

6. Head into the tower and skip the cutscene (if its not skipped the warning might go away and we don’t want that)

Also a little explanation: Since you have a warning lvl the guards will spawn in wherever you go no matter if you tp across the map.

7. Next you don’t want to shoot the boss and try to get the guards that spawn in the arena to shoot the her

8. wait until she gets aggrod on the guards, once she does shell bug out a little and walk to the edge of the arena with her back turned.

Note: Do not throw a ball at her if she is aggrod on you or facing you, if that happens even if her backs turned you wont be able to catch her and then you’ll have to die and try the whole process again.

9. Next just throw the ball at her and even tho it says 0% you’ll get her.

10. Now all that’s left is to die by the guards

11. And after all that just check your pallbox and shell be there

extra Note: If you die in any boss arena it’ll always show your loot bag outside the tower or entrance, so there nothing to be worried about when you die in a boss arena.

Another thing to add is after you die the guards in town will go back to normal, so you can do it as much as you want

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