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How to Change Celebration Animation in NBA 2K21

One of the greatest features in NBA 2K21 is the celebration animation in MyPlayer. Just like the previous NBA 2K video game, the newest NBA simulation game also offers a lot of customization that players can enjoy.

This customization includes the ability to change the celebration animation in the game. But how can you change it in NBA 2K21? In this post, you will be able to learn how to easily change your character’s celebration in NBA 2K21.

NBA 2K21 Celebration

How to Change Celebration in NBA 2K21

First things first. Visit the MyPlayer animation menu in the navigation options. Go to Navigation menu, select MyPlayer option, and find the MyPlayer Animation option.

There, you will find yourself in the list of available celebration options for your player. Note that you need to buy a Celebration in the Animation Store. In case you haven’t purchased the celebration that you want, it will not be available to equip in the settings menu.

Once you’re on the My Animations option, scroll to the right until you find the Celebrations card. Hit or click enter and there, you can equip different styles of Celebrations. These equipped Celebration animations can be used in NBA MyCareer, Park, and Pro-Am.

And that’s it. Equip your coolest celebration and take a good video in your greatest moment in NBA 2K21.

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