How to Claim Eternal Return Twitch Reward Drops

Here’s how to claim your Twitch drops.

Remember that oftentimes you can earn up to 3 drops, so don’t settle for 1 get all 3.

Step 1: Connect your account, Head over to this link.

Step 2: Watch 1-3 hours of eternal return streamers that have DropsEnabled (these 2 are consistent)

Step 4: Claim your drops in twitch (Found under Drops&Rewards or notifactions)

Step 5: launch Eternal return and head to the store.

Step 6: Top right you will see 2 icons (Arrow = DLC, CHEST = Twitch DROPS)

Step 7: try to remember which one is the event NP so you can stack them and get the max value.

The things we do for A-coins.

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