How to Complete All Miyuki Main Event in Winter Memories

1st Event

  • Affection 20 (speak with her)
  • Do the dishes (go to kitchen)

Once the conditions are met, The event will take place in the morning. (Its possible to occur this event in the same morning, if you have finished all the objectives.

2nd Event

  • Affection 40 ( speak, speak, speak)
  • Buy these 3 Ingredients:
  • Onion (x1)
  • Carrot (x1)
  • Potatoes (x1)

The Market is located in the city, you can buy those veggies from there. (more details will come in future)

Once you meet your quotas, The event will take place at the night.

3rd Event

unlock cleaning skill in the skill tree!

  • Affection 60 (idk speak maybe. GIFTS, give her gifts,yeah!!)
  • Clean Dirty Rooms (listed below)
  • After reaching 60 of affection, Talk to Miyuki to launch the EV

Once the conditions are met, The event will take place in the afternoon

Dirty rooms Includes:

Japenese-style room


Master Bedroom



4th Event

  • Affection 80 (T-A-L-K, give her present, or do your ‘thing’)
  • Once you’ve reached affection 80, you’ll be asked to wait until nightfall to launch the event.

Final Event

  • Affection 100
  • Uncle at work

REWARD: The Miyuki “ENDING” is unlocked in the save section! you can skip to the final day or wait until the end.

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