How to complete the “House of Cards” task in Heretic’s Fork

This was my very last task and I could not find anything online about it so to prevent others from having the same issue this guide now exists.

This strategy should theoretically work on everyone but it works best using You or any variation of John Fenriz. The way the strategy works is by using the card Retribution in tandem with any shield card like Blessing of Protection or Regenerate .

The strategy works like this:

1. Get the Retribution card
2. Gain any amount of shield
3. Use Retribution 4 times (You will most likely have to cycle your hand and go through a few rounds, easiest way to do this is by having multiple Retribution cards or by using Double Down)
4. Once you have 4 Retributions active destroy your shields in any way possible, the card Strip works amazing for this
5. Get to the next round and the task will unlock!

As long as you don’t have any cards that affect the amount of cards you can draw this should give you the max amount of cards you can initially draw. Have fun with your new variant!

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