How to Complete the Museum Raid in One-armed robber


(atleast) Equipped with a suppressed pistol (Loadout > Pistol > Modify > Muzzle > Suppressor)

completed stealth tutorial (and just understands it)


Step 1: Infiltration

Unlocking the Front Door:

Use your lockpick on the front door. Guards are indoors, and their spotting time is generous enough to give you a window to slip by.

Note: Cameras are present, but you can sprint past them like most guards.

Moving Through the Main Hall:

Stick to the left wall for cover and to avoid detection.

Tip: Time your movements based on guard patrols.

Finding the Manager’s Office:

As you move along the left wall, you’ll encounter a door. Lockpick it to access a hallway with a guard. The manager’s office, containing the keycard, is in this hallway.

Tip: there is an ansvering station nearby.

Getting the Blue Keycard:

The keycard is on hes desk

Tip: Use this keycard on the basement door.

Step 2: Disabling the Alarms

Navigating the Basement:

Stick to the left wall until you find the basement door, go to the other room and wait for the guard to come and then go to the basemnt

Avoiding a Camera:

Descend to the basement, dodge a camera, and unlock the door leading to the alarm shutdown.

Tip: Time your actions when the camera looks away.

Step 3: Silencing Alarms and Handling Guards

Dealing with a Camera and Guard:

Return to the spot where you dealt with the guard. Go through the back door, picklock an door on the left side, shoot the camera.

Tip: Guards won’t notice the broken camera.

Camera Operator Room:

The camera operators room is for forward from the entrance

Tip: shoot the camera if you didnt.

Handle the Upper Floor Guard:

Picklock the upstairs door, not the one on the left.

Tip: Other guards won’t see this guard when hes downed, so he’s just an obstacle.

Killing the last Guard:

Jump down, pick another door, wait for a good moment, and take the guard down. The ansver station is in the middle of the mainhall.

Tip: You can just run past every guard cuz they are too dumb to look at you.

Step 4: Grab the Loot and Escape

Using the Pallet on Wheels:

Grab a pallet on wheels and load it up with stolen goods.

Warning: Keep an eye out for guards. They might get curious.

Leaving Through the Back:

Exit through the back door with the pallet and head for your Van. There aren’t any cameras at the back.


this heist will get you 112 k if you stold everything

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