How to Create a Simple Bus Route in OpenTTD

Adding Bus stops to a city

Find a generated city

Click the road icon on your menu at the top.

Select 6th option (bus stop icon) from the “Road Construction

There are 2 types of bus stations:

  • 1 end one (may not work with a lot of bus mods

  • Through one

Select the desired one and place it (remember about selecting the right orientation!)

Building a Vehicle Depot

Now we will need to place the road depot.

Once again click the road icon

and select 5th option (garage icon)

from the “Road Contruction”

Select the right orientation and place it.

Now open the depot tab by clicking on it

Buying a Vehicle

Click New vehicles and select the desired bus.

There are 2 buses to choose from in the vanilla game.

You can also check the capacity of the bus in the parameters (shown by red brackets in the screenshot)

Click “Buy Vehicle”

Adding a Timetable to a Bus

After buying your bus, there should appear “Road Vehicle #number” tab.

If not click the bus shown in your depot.

in “Road Vehicle #number” tab, click the yellow arrow, thats the command manager.

In it click “Go to” and click on all your bus stations.

Activating a Bus

Now you can close all the tabs except the “Road Vehicle #number”

In it click the big red “Stopped

The bus will now be activated and hopefully make you money transporting passengers

The “after” section

By creating this bus line successfully, you can create whatever other line you want!

Trains, Ships and even Planes. All of them uses the exact thing principle.

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