How to Cure Velonaceps Calyx in Barotrauma

The Velonaceps Calyx, commonly known as the “Husk Infection,” is a highly feared parasite that has the potential to wipe out an entire submarine crew if mishandled. However, dealing with it becomes relatively simple when you understand the proper protocols.

CAUTION: This guide contains gameplay spoilers.

Administration of Antibiotics

Broad-Spectrum Antibiotics prove to be an affordable solution to combat the husk infection. These antibiotics provide the “Husk Resistance” effect, which slows down the growth rate of the Husk parasite.

Nevertheless, it is important to note that while Broad-Spectrum Antibiotics may not be highly effective in reducing the Husk infection, utilizing them immediately after exposure to the parasite is advisable. However, due to their propensity to cause Organ Damage, subsequent administration of Morphine may be necessary.

Calyxanide: The Ideal Choice

Calyxanide offers an excellent option for the complete eradication of the Husk parasite. Inexperienced crew members might require an additional dose or Broad-Spectrum Antibiotics if the effectiveness of Calyxanide is diminished.

While Calyxanide proves to be an effective treatment for Husk infection, it is important to note that it is also a costly intervention, both in terms of purchase and production. Additionally, Calyxanide can double as a weapon against Husks, causing severe Internal Damage upon application.

Alternative Approaches

In the event that the crew lacks access to Calyxanide or Antibiotics, it may be necessary to resort to unconventional methods to prevent the spread of the parasite.


If the infection remains in its early stages, the utilization of Weapons can be an effective means of dispatching the threat. This approach can also be applied when the Husk has completely taken over the host.

Medical Clinic

Docking at a non-abandoned station provides the crew with the opportunity to seek treatment for the Husk infection. The Outpost Doctor (identifiable by the presence of a red bubble with a medic cross) can administer the necessary treatment in exchange for payment.

Husk Genes

Using a Gene Splicer in conjunction with a Husk Gene has the potential to halt the progression of the infection before it reaches the point of no return.

Zealot Robes

Wearing Zealot Robes effectively prevents the Husk parasite from taking control of the host and also offers protection against Husk attacks.

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