How to Earn Fast in Lethal Company

This guide will cover the most efficient route to achieve the highest scrap payout possible in the game on the moon “Titan”.


I wanted to share the most lucrative approach for earning scrap in the game. This guide will outline steps for the fastest and most effective way to “Beat” the game.

Preparing for titan

To kick off your new save with a crew, the key is to gather sufficient scrap and gear for your journey. To optimize this process, I suggest assembling a crew of at least four members.

Begin by exploring the first three moons, aiming to collect a daily sum of 200-300 currency until day 0. This effort is crucial, requiring a minimum of 700 currency to go to titan.

For your Titan adventure, specific tools are essential:

2 radios
1 extension ladder
1 Boombox

While these are fundamental, other tools remain optional, allowing for personal strategy and choice.

Crew setup

Assigning roles within the crew is essential for a smooth operation:

Player A: Responsible for communication, this team member remains on the ship after inventory is filled.

Player B: Tasked with using the extension ladder to drop items and transporting them to the ship.

Player C: Equipped with a radio, this individual focuses on gathering as much loot as possible.

Player D: Their role involves supporting and following Player C.

Should you embark on this with only three individuals, eliminate Player D. Instead, Player B will assist Player C. Ultimately, both will collaborate to transport the gathered scrap back to the ship.

Landing on Titan

Preparation Complete: Let’s Begin!

Note: Avoid Titan during an ongoing eclipse; the risk outweighs the reward, potentially resulting in the loss of all your collected scrap.

Refer to the image below for your designated route and ladder setup:

Upon landing:

Player B retrieves the ladder.

Player C secures the walkie.

The rest of the team moves swiftly upwards.

Upon reaching the top, Player B positions the ladder in the designated spot.

From this point every player enters the facility.

You need to be fast with getting prepared! You should typically try to be off the planet by 3 pm!

Exploring the facility

Now that the entire crew is inside the facility, effective communication and swift inventory filling are crucial.

Player A: Once inventory is full, drop it at the entrance near the extensive ladder. Quickly return by leaping off the railing, heading back into the ship, and supporting other players using the walkie.

Note: there’s no risk of dying from fall damage.

Player B: After inventory is filled, deploy the ladder and start dropping loot to the lower catwalk. Utilize any downtime to search for additional scrap inside the facility, referencing the image below for guidance.

Players C and D: Explore extensively, dropping as much loot as possible by the extension ladder.

Around 2:30 pm, Player B should begin transporting items from the catwalk to the ship.

Players C and D can continue searching unless encountering these specific entities:

  • the Little girl
  • Flower Man
  • Jack in the box

If any of these entities are encountered, the search should cease, and all should promptly head back to the ship.


Following these steps, you can expect to yield an average of 800 to 1500 currency or more per run! Keep at it until your newfound wealth loses its thrill.

Note: Once you’ve paid to land on Titan, the subsequent landings won’t incur the 700-credit charge until you depart for another moon.

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