How to Earn More Coins in Cult of the Lamb

Strategies for maximizing coin farming in Cult of the Lamb and tips for conserving coins when encountering Midas, if you haven’t come across him in the game yet.

Collect from crusades

The simplest and most accessible method to accumulate additional coins involves embarking on crusades and emerging victorious.

Moreover, if you manage to achieve this feat without sustaining any damage from the primary boss, it becomes even more rewarding!

Mint your own money

Assuming you possess sufficient resources to construct a refinery, it becomes possible to produce your own currency, contingent upon the availability of gold nuggets.

Send followers on a mission

After establishing your missionary, you have the option to designate a follower who will undertake missions to collect coins.

Ensure that you carefully choose a follower with a greater probability of achieving success.

Helpful suggestion: Keep an eye out for a missionary necklace bestowed by the enigmatic deity at the heart of the game. These necklaces guarantee a 100% chance of mission success.

Daily sermon

During the initial phases of the game, conducting daily sermons will grant you devotion, which aids in unlocking powerful weapons.

Once you have successfully unlocked all the available weapons, daily sermons will instead generate coins. Your devoted followers will then deposit these coins at the altar for you to collect.

Valuable tip: A strategy I often employ is leaving the coins in the altar to minimize the amount of money in my possession. By doing so, the malevolent figure known as Midas has fewer opportunities to pilfer my wealth.

Collection box

Set up offering statue(s) within your vicinity.

Exercise patience as your followers gradually contribute resources, which may include coins, as well as provisions such as meat, stone, wooden planks, fish, and gold nuggets.

Employ a tax collector

Indeed, it is more of an assignment rather than traditional employment.

Proceed to unlock the doctrine known as “Tax Enforcer.”

Carry out the Tax Enforcer ritual as instructed.

Designate one of your followers as a tax collector and release them into the wilderness.

After a sufficient amount of time has elapsed for your designated follower to collect taxes, you can retrieve the accumulated tax from them. Ensure that you give them ample time to complete the collection process before claiming the funds.


While not the most responsible course of action, if you possess unwavering confidence in your knucklebones gameplay, this particular approach may appeal to you.

By encountering Ratau, you will unlock the Lonely Shack destination within the game.

Engaging various opponents in a game of knucklebones allows you to place different bets.

The maximum allowable bet is set at 50 coins.

In the event of a victory, the opponent will pay you the amount of the bet. Conversely, if you lose, you are required to pay the bet amount to the opponent.

Save yourself from Midas

I have a strong aversion towards it.

Now, here’s the positive update (assuming you haven’t come across it yet): It can only accept the coins you currently possess. The objective is to minimize the number of coins and increase your assets.

How can we achieve that?

Firstly, as I mentioned earlier, refrain from collecting coins from the temple altar.

Secondly, convert your coins into gold bars at the refinery.

Thirdly, purchase seeds from the worm located near Anchordeep.

Fourthly, acquire fish from the fisherman situated at Pilgrim’s Passage.

Keep in mind that when you require cash, you can sell these items again at the selling chest in the village.

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