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How To Easily Beat the Ghost Leviathan in Subnautica

Surely it’s scary to swim past this monster?

Preparing resources

You will need:

  • Stasis rifle
  • Follicles of gas supply
  • 2 First aid kits (just in case)
  • Thermal knife (just in case)

To begin with, swim to the initial lifeboat and look for Gaspods around it. Swim close to them, and when they throw out the follicles, collect them with the left mouse button. When he says, “gay, gay, gay,” don’t be offended, just do your thing. Collect the follicle full inventory, but be sure to leave room for a stasis rifle and 2 first aid kits, just in case. Also you need Thermal Knife. Swim to Leviathan.

The Hour of Reckoning

When Leviathan swims towards you with growls and screams, load the Stasis Rifle, and aim it right at his head, that’s where he has a hitbox, if you don’t have time to fully charge the Rifle, just shoot him with an incompletely charged charge, and then with a full one. After you have immobilized him, swim right up to his head and start throwing out the Gaspod Follicles with the RMB in the inventory. Do not forget to strafe to the right and to the left, and do not throw away all the Follicles at once, so as not to die from poisoning yourself, if you get critical damage, use First Aid Kits. Repeat the shot from the Stasis Rifle and throw out the Follicles.

If the Follicles are over, use a Thermal Knife, not forgetting to equip Leviathan with a Rifle. A sign that the monster has died will be:

  1. Does not move
  2. Flips belly up

Congratulations! You have defeated one Little Ghostly Leviathan! Send a letter of apology to his parents who are in the dead zone.

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