How to Easily Catch More Coromon

Tactics to improve your consistency in capturing Coromon.


The following guide presents a set of strategies I have developed to enhance your success in capturing Coromon with greater consistency. You have the flexibility to follow the guide in its entirety or select specific strategies based on your needs.

This guide is particularly useful for the following scenarios:

  • Capturing Coromon to fulfill the requirements of the “Who’s the Hoarder Now?” achievement, which involves completing the Coromon database.
  • Capturing Potent and Perfect Coromon to raise your Research Level to 100 and earn the “Senior Researcher” achievement. Additionally, this approach allows you to accumulate extra Research Points by capturing Normal Coromon along the way.

Purrghast Build

To employ this method effectively, it is recommended to have a Purrghast in your team. The higher the potential and level of your Purrghast, the more advantageous it will be. Having a strong Purrghast will increase your chances of survival, especially when engaging in battles against high-level Coromon consistently.

The Purrghast line is chosen for this method primarily because it is the only Coromon that learns the move Cat Scratch at level 35.

Cat Scratch: “Attacks the target, dealing damage equal to 50% of the target’s current HP.”

This move ensures that the enemy Coromon’s HP is relatively low after two consecutive uses, which proves beneficial when attempting to capture Coromon with Golden Spinners.

In addition to Cat Scratch, there are other advantageous aspects of using Purrghast as our primary utility. The suggested moveset for Purrghast is as follows:


  • Cat Scratch
  • Disable Heal
  • [Any move]
  • [Any move]

The move Disable Heal can be acquired by using Skill Flash 31. Its specific location is concealed within a stool at the Darudic Trainer Hub.

Disable Heal proves to be valuable when facing troublesome enemy Coromon that heavily rely on healing moves, allowing you to hinder their recovery abilities.

As for the remaining two moves in your Purrghast’s moveset, the choices are flexible and depend on your preferences:

Consider including Ghastly Nap, which aids in HP recovery for your Purrghast. Additionally, selecting another damaging move can be advantageous (the specific choice does not hold significant importance). These moves complement your strategy and contribute to the overall effectiveness of your Purrghast during battles.


To maximize your Purrghast’s capabilities, the Kindred Soul trait is highly recommended. This trait proves beneficial in maintaining your Purrghast’s HP when facing higher-level enemy Coromon, providing valuable sustainability during battles. Remember that you can utilize the Traitformator located in the Trainer Hub on Donar Island to optimize your Purrghast’s traits.

Held item

For optimal effectiveness, equip your Purrghast with a Fear Disc. This item increases the likelihood of encountering already injured Coromon, making it easier to lower their HP further. In case you don’t have a Fear Disc, you can conveniently purchase one from the shop located on Donar Island.

Potential points

Allocate your skill points (SP) until you reach the maximum limit of 26 points. Prioritize investing these points in Defense and Special Defense, enhancing your Purrghast’s overall resilience during battles. Any remaining points can be distributed as you see fit, considering your specific preferences and battle strategy.

Items to Stock Up

Money will help for this part.


Platinum Spinners

The most optimal approach would involve accumulating a substantial amount of currency (you may find helpful guides for this purpose) and subsequently investing it in acquiring a significant number of Platinum Spinners. These Spinners are priced at 90,000 units each, assuming you have undergone the Haggle Training to enhance your bargaining abilities.

However, let’s consider a scenario where you possess a more typical sum of money. In that case, it would be advisable to procure the following three types of Spinners, all readily available for purchase at the shop located on Donar Island and various other locations:

Trick Spinners

The most straightforward alternative for capturing purposes, as these particular Spinners boast a considerably high probability of successfully capturing the target as early as the first turn.

Dream Spinners

The next favorable choice, specifically designed to effectively capture Coromon that are either asleep or in a drowsy state.

Golden Spinners

If neither of the aforementioned two types of Spinners are suitable for the given situation, these serve as the final option. While the type-specific Spinners can also be effective, the Golden Spinners offer broader applicability. The choice ultimately rests with you.


Utilize these fragrances in the field whenever necessary to maintain their ongoing effects. Both of these scents are available for purchase from the Scent dealer located in the southwestern region of Darudic.

Ether Scent

Implementing this approach will heighten the probability of inducing drowsiness in wild Coromon, thereby facilitating the successful execution of the Dream Spinner strategy.

Fear Scent

Moreover, this will additionally enhance the likelihood of encountering Coromon that are already weakened, thereby enabling the effective implementation of the Golden Spinner strategy.

Summary of Strategies

Supposing that you have successfully set up Purrghast according to the instructions provided in this guide and acquired all the required items, you will have access to a range of strategies that significantly maximize your likelihood of capturing Coromon.

Before proceeding with the strategies, it is essential to complete the following preliminary steps:
– Ensure that Purrghast is placed in the lead slot of your party.
– Activate the Fear Scent.
– Activate the Ether Scent.

The following scenario outlines the ideal approach:

Strategy A
Turn 1: Throw a Trick Spinner immediately. In a lot of cases, this will catch. If it doesn’t, proceed to Strategy B.
Strategy B
  • (If the Coromon is sleeping from the Ether Scent) Throw Dream Spinners until it wakes up.
  • (If the Coromon is not sleeping) Proceed to Strategy C.
Strategy C
Turn 1: Use Cat Scratch
Turn 2: Use Cat Scratch

Turn 3+: Throw Golden Spinners until the Coromon is caught.

Adjust as necessary.

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