How to Effectively Use Enchanter in Town of Salem 2

Strategies for playing Enchanter effectively in Town of Salem 2.

Role Breakdown

The Enchanter, a role in the Coven Deceptive (CD) category, combines the abilities of Framer and Forger from Town of Salem 1. Once per night, an Enchanter can choose a player to ‘Enchant’, which makes them appear ‘Suspicious’ to investigative roles such as Seers, Coroners, Investigators, Sheriffs, and Psychics. Additionally, the Enchanter has a secondary ability that can be used twice per game, allowing them to change a player’s will and role to their choosing. As with other Coven roles, if the Enchanter receives the Necronomicon, they gain the ability to kill the player they have Enchanted.

What to do Early Game

Compared to the Framer in Town of Salem 1, whose effectiveness was limited by the lack of Town Investigative roles affected by it, the Enchant ability of the Enchanter in Town of Salem 2 is considerably more potent. It’s important to select targets for Enchantment based on their suspicious actions. One strategy is to convince a Town Investigative role to investigate an Enchanted player, which could lead to a successful daytime lynch. The Enchanter also serves as a valuable counter against Psychics, as Enchanted players often appear as evil during odd nights.


The Enchanter can be a powerful tool for causing chaos in the game. With the Spy no longer able to receive Coven visits, an Enchanter can modify a player’s role and will without drawing suspicion from the Town. This can be particularly advantageous in a set role list with limited claim space. By changing a player’s role to counterclaim someone else’s, the Enchanter can manipulate the Town into lynching the contradicting player. For example, the Enchanter could change a Retributionist to a Deputy and then claim to be the Retributionist. Since there’s little room for claim space, Town is more likely to believe that the contradicting player is lying and lynch them. In addition, the Medium is no longer able to foil the forger’s plans, as dead players cannot reveal their actual roles to the Medium.

Another strategy is to Enchant a player who hasn’t been speaking much and then push for them to be put on the stand. Ask a Town Investigative role to investigate them to “confirm” their innocence. If the player is checked by a TI, they will likely be lynched the following day. However, it’s important to plan out the forged role and will ahead of time. If it’s late in the game, players will expect the target’s will to include visits. If the forger omits this information, Town may suspect the presence of an Enchanter. The Enchanter can prepare a fake will for the target in their notes section and copy and paste it into the target’s forged will.

Necronomicon Priority List:

The Necronomicon is a powerful tool that grants its user the ability to kill in addition to their primary ability. For instance, if a Jinx possesses the Necronomicon, they can select a target to attack and also randomly attack anyone who visits that target. This allows the Coven to have at least one attack every night, while still maintaining the integrity of the Jinx’s ability. The order of who receives the Necronomicon is predetermined, with the Coven Leader being first on the list, followed by the Wilding, Conjurer, Medusa, Poisoner, Witch, Dreamweaver, Enchanter, Voodoo Master, Hex Master, Necromancer, Potion Master, Illusionist, Ritualist, and Jinx.

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