How to Enable Classic Controls in Street Fighter 6

The user interface (UI) of the game has received criticism, and it’s understandable why players are frustrated with the inability to customize controls according to their preferred scheme. Many players naturally navigate to the options section to make these changes, overlooking the option available in the character select screen. Furthermore, even after successfully modifying the controls, it can be frustrating to discover that the changes do not apply to online gameplay.

I have captured images depicting the correct steps to switch to Classic mode for online play.

Step 1: Go to Battle Settings Option

Once you have the controller of your choice in hand, the process is relatively simple. By experimenting with the buttons, you will come across one that leads you to a submenu with only a few tabs. The screenshot below demonstrates the appearance of the submenu. Select the “Character” tab from this submenu.

Step 2: Switch to Classic Control Scheme

The process is straightforward, as there are only three control options available. However, please note that the “Dynamic” control option is not available for online play. Simply switch to the desired control option by selecting it from the available options.

Step 3: Apply the Changes

I understand that you went through a more laborious process by individually applying the setting to each character. However, there is an easier method that you may not have been aware of. Before leaving the previous screen, press the button that was originally assigned to the “Battle Settings” option. By doing so, a prompt should appear, giving you the option to apply the control settings to all characters. Select “yes” to apply the settings universally. This approach saves time and effort, so remember to utilize it instead of manually adjusting each character’s settings.

While Capcom may have its shortcomings, one commendable aspect is that they offer players the choice to utilize a decades-old control scheme instead of being restricted to the “modern” ones, as seen in some other fighting games. However, accessing this option can be frustratingly unintuitive. I hope that this information improves your gameplay experience and reduces any potential frustration by providing easier access to the desired control scheme.

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