How to Enable RTX in Warhammer 40,000: Darktide

Options you can turn on/off, but they even exist in game menu’s.

User_settings Configuration

Some users notice the game uses Ray tracing option, even tough this option is turn OFF in game options menu

So, let’s fix

Be aware to have sure what you are doing here, because you can have render bugs.



Open “user_settings.config”

Open with notepad.exe and ake sure the following settings are set like this:

rt_checkerboard_reflections = false
rt_light_quality = false
rt_mixed_reflections = false
rt_particle_reflections_enabled = false
rt_reflections_enabled = false
rt_shadow_ray_multiplier = 0
rt_transparent_reflections_enabled = false
rtxgi_enabled = false
rtxgi_scale = 0

You can find a lot of changes you can turn off/on, but remember to make a backup first!

Save and done. You can save in “ready only” to make sure these options dont turn to default.

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