How to Escape All Backrooms in The Backrooms Deluxe

This guide contains all that you need to escape the backrooms (fancy reference).

Updated on: 09/09/23
Currently works on version 0.9

Level 0: The Backrooms

To complete Level 0, you need to look for a zone with an elevator and the pitfalls.

Don’t go in the elevator because that will take you to an even larger version of Level 0

Instead, climb up the stairs in the pitfalls area and you will get teleported to Level 1!

Level 1: Habitable Zone (Part 1)

To complete the Part 1 of Level 1, you need to find a slope that goes up.

After you do this, the screen will fade and you will get teleported to Part 2.

Level 1: Habitable Zone (Part 2)

In Part 2, you have to find the right door that will lead you to Level 2.

Hint: the right door only spawns on the top floor

Level 2: Pipe Dreams

In Level 2 there’s not much to do, just run forward.

If you need a guide for this, please go play escape the backrooms

Level 37: The Poolrooms

To escape the poolrooms you need to find and turn all of the valves in the level.

Valves Location

  • Valve 1: Valve 1 is located in the “main area” where there’s the pool with the stairs not too far from the spawn point.
  • Valve 2: Valve 2 is located in the play area near the slide entrance.
  • Valve 3: Valve 3 is located in the stairs that submerge into the water.
  • Valve 4: Valve 4 is located up the stairs of the structure in the slide area.

Once you turned the last valve, some magic will happen and you will go straight into Level 4

Level 4: Abandoned Office

To escape Level 4, first go interact with the computer in one of the rooms near spawn.

Then, go to the second big area of the map and get the paper which contains the code to the door which we have previously unlocked near spawn.

…and just like that we have completed the part 1 of The Backrooms Deluxe

Level Fun =)

In Level Fun, just explore a bit and you’ll find the exit.

Just make sure to not get caught by the partygoers…

Level 974: Kitty’s House

To escape Kitty’s House, find a cute item to give Kitty and you’ll be teleported to Level 188

Level 188: The Windows

In Level 188, there are two exits:

The easter egg:

To get to Level Run For Your Life, drop down the pit on the main area and after falling you’ll noclip into Level Run For Your Life

The main way:

First, you need to identify the code.

Since you are too lazy to play the game because you are reading a guide, lemme just give you the code: 4713

Then just put it on the door lock and you will be teleported right to Level The End

Level !: Run For Your Life

What shall we ever do here?

Obviously just run to the end of the hallway

Level The End

To complete Level The End, you have to collect all the tapes and put them in the computer.

In case you can’t find them, after 90 seconds they will all be highlited with an orange outline

Level The Hub

To “escape” Level The Hub just go right in front of the door representing the level you want to go in (Level 94 is the only level you can go to proceed in the game) and you’ll be teleported there.

Level 94: Grassy Hills

To escape Level 94, you must hop between houses and light up the candles to noclip into Level 52

Level 52: School Halls

First, you need to find a key, and then you have to go to the door with the keycard slot and wait 120 seconds for night to start and then interact with the door

Level 3: Electrical Station

In Level 3, turn on all the switches and then go to the control room and interact with it.

After opening the gate, go to the dark area and you’ll be teleported to Level 3999.

Level 3999: Neon Paradise

Escaping this level is easy, just go into the portal emitting a bright light and…

You completed the Early Access!


This section will talk about the secrets of the game.

Secret Levels:

You can access Level ! (Run for your life) by going down the pit in Level 188.

You can access Level 231 by going in the door on Level 0

And that’s it! You have fully completed the game!

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