How to Establish a Strong Nation in Suzerain

Our aim in this guide is to achieve a successful Reformist regime in Sordland, characterized by a transparent democracy, a robust justice system, and a fair market economy. We also seek to improve the Constitution, stimulate economic growth, prevent conflict, and promote human rights, all while striving to minimize corruption.

Prologue and Election Promises

Essential choices for the prologue are these:

  • Wealthy family from Lachaven
  • Law at Holsord State University
  • Agree with Deivid Wischi that even Judges themselves should be accountable to the law
  • Join neither Young Sords nor Red Youth
  • Vote for the United Sordland Party
  • Escort the refugees back
  • Sacrifice work to spend more time with the family
  • Join the internal opposition when Tarquin Soll becomes corrupted with power
  • Vote for Alphonso
  • Advise Alphonso to step down when his reforms go south
  • Promise to enact democratic reforms

Election Promises

  • Economy: Free market
  • Term focus: Health
  • Diplomacy: West-aligned
  • Immigration: relaxed

Looking at it from a storytelling point of view, our presentation of Anton Rayne as the President is quite unimpressive. He comes across as a wealthy elite who got into power thanks to his connections with the ruling party, always picking the winning candidate and making vague, uninspiring populist pledges. No one has any high hopes for him, and many see him as just another bureaucrat affiliated with the United Sordland Party. However, little do they know that they are in for a shock.

Chapter I. President Rayne

Alright, first, the absolute imperative: always be nice and friendly to Serge the Driver. He who is unfriendly to Serge the Driver is unfriendly to life itself. Don’t be that guy.

Seriously, be nice to Serge, a possible friendship with him is too good to miss.

Inauguration speech
– speak of change, hope and increasing productivity of the nation

Turn I

  • Declare your intention to work with the reformists
  • Promote a market economy
  • Invest in mega-infrastructure project, then choose L-1 railway
  • Accept the offer to meet with Marcel Koronti
  • Veto the Electoral Campaign Finance Bill
  • Purchase 2000 shares from Armadine Industries

It’s crucial to keep in mind that your objectives and commitments will attract both supporters and opponents. In this journey, you must avoid compromising your beliefs to satisfy the Old Guard (or the Sollists in general) and the National Front Party. Anyone who reneges on their promises and attempts to please everyone will eventually be forgotten by history. Therefore, it’s essential to be resolute in your intentions and avoid changing course.

The inaugural ball

  • Be nice to your family (and Serge the Driver)
  • When the reporter comes to you, say that you’re willing to work with the opposition if the opposition supports you and that you welcome mr. Ricter’s challenge
  • When she asks you why have you vetoed the ECF Bill, say that no political party should be silenced
  • Say that there’s a woman behind every successful man and that you and Monica will work together to establish equality of sexes
  • When the shooting starts, shield and comfort your family and then just act as calm and professional as possible. You’ve served in the army, mr. President, don’t be a ♥♥♥♥♥.

And so, a communist poet Bernard Circas is killed, and the country descends into violent chaos. Bugger.

  • During the dinner scene, be open and honest with your family. Don’t push Franc too hard, but take away his cigarettes.
  • Listen to the alarming reports about nationwide revolt and Rumburg’s growing aggression. Be alarmed.Turn II
  • Visit affected towns in person to quell the unrest
  • Decline Walter Tusk’s bribe as politely (or impolitely) as you want.
  • Provide stimulus cheques for people in need
  • Choose Taurus Holding for your infrastructure project
  • Strike a backroom deal with Marcel Koronti
    This is one shady deal you should make, as media support at early stages of your term is essential.
  • Attend Bernard Circas’ funeral. Hold your own umbrella. Let Red Youths in with no convoy.
  • In the funeral speech, say that Bernard was a true comrade, that hatred begets hatred and we need unity, and quote one of his poems.
  • Release a diplomatic statement condemning Rumburg
  • When Justices Hawker and Garaci come to you, listen to what they know about Ricter, then explain to them that you will pursue constitutional reforms nonetheless.Turn III
  • In the barbeque scene, be supportive of Franc and discuss your past honestly with him.
  • Pay for Serge’s kids’ education.
  • Ban neither Red Youth nor Young Sords. The intolerance will only provoke further unrest.
  • During the Business Council dinner, toast “to our wealth and success”
  • Do not promise Tax Cut to Walter Tusk

And now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for: Constitutional changes! These might just be THE most important decisions of your first term.

Constitutional reform

  • Limit vetoes
  • Remove Supreme Court’s vote
  • President impeachable by the Assembly AND the Supreme Court
  • Confidence vote for ministers
  • Decrease threshold to 8 %
  • Decrees require an enabling act
  • Two term limits
  • Judges impeachable by the Assembly
  • Member of Honor immunity abolished

You now have an extensive democratic reform plan that aims to balance power more equitably among the different branches of government. Naturally, some individuals will vehemently oppose it. It’s crucial to take note of what Frens Ricter and his PFJ Party have suggested – the complete elimination of the President’s authority to veto, decree, and appoint ministers. This would be an incredibly detrimental decision in a country where the Assembly is still under the influence of oligarchs, and the third most significant party in the Assembly comprises far-right extremists. Despite his noble aspirations, Ricter’s proposal lacks foresight.

Budget allocation

  • Health: Increase
  • Education: Increase
  • Law Enforcement: Increase
  • Military: Maintain

While defunding the military in the current political climate would be deemed reckless, it’s worth noting that the military is not a top priority at the moment. Our focus is not to engage in war with Rumburg, but rather to use any means necessary to end the conflict. Instead, our attention is directed towards addressing the pressing issues that are crucial in restoring the country.

To conclude this chapter, let’s review the individuals and groups who have become our allies, adversaries, and critics due to the commitments and choices we’ve made.

Friends (aka Trustworthy allies)

  • Nia Morgna. The Minister of Justice not only supports your reforms and wants to help with the Supreme Court, she also has a very good idea about fighting corruption as the root of all evil.
  • Paskal Beniwoll. The Minister of Health and Labor is just plain smart. His ideas are very good.
  • Ciara Walda. The Minister of Education might be too pushy about social justice, but she, too, has solid ideas how to improve current educational system.
  • Deivid Wischi. The Minister of Foreign Affairs and your former professor wants peace, same as you.
  • Monica. Staying on your wife’s good side is the key to keep the whole family happy.


  • Lucian Galade. Your chief strategist may be cynical and unprincipled, but he’s also an honest advisor with a good grasp on politics.
  • Iosef Lancea. The Minister of Defense is a “good Sollist”, so to speak. He is not corrupt, he honestly wants to protect Sordland, and he has some good ideas. Treat him with respect his station demands, and you should be fine.
  • Frens Ricter and his PFJ Party. You need their support to change the Constitution.
  • Marcel Koronti. The most untrustworthy ally you have. His media support is of use now, but you have to find a way to outsmart and dump him later. We don’t want Rayne to become another puppet of the oligarchs.


  • The Old Guard (Orso Hawker, Heron Garaci, Lileas Graf). These corrupt Soll worshippers WILL NOT support your reforms or your vision for Sordland whatsoever.
  • Kesaro Kibener and his NF Party. These guys are literal Nazis with a literal Hitler-wannabe in charge. Of course they’re your enemies.
  • Walter Tusk. This guy is so corrupt he almost looks like a caricature.
  • Rumburg, for obvious reasons.

Chapter II. A New Sordland

Turn IV

  • Veto the Workers’ Rights Act
    Admittedly, this is more of a meta-gaming trick than a roleplaying choice. You can, however, interpret it as a moment of doubt and weakness, as Rayne hesitates to sign such a costly bill in the middle of the recession.
  • Do not invest in any particular region
  • Allocate more funds to the Ministry of Justice
  • Support Nia’s project of the Anti-Corruption Police
  • On the evening walk, be considerate to Monica. Promise to let her make a speech on the festival. Let her lead the way.
    I want to point out this is not just about being a loving husband. If you want to improve women station in Sordland, Monica is absolutely essential.
  • When L-1 workers go on strike, sign the vetoed Workers’ Rights Act.
    This is where our little trick pays off. Taurus + veto the Act + sign it later allows you to spend 1 less budget on the whole thing and still make the Workers Rights reform.
  • Increase the taxes for large corporations, decrease the taxes for small and medium businesses.
    Enjoy the oligarchs’ screams of horror.
  • When visiting school, be diplomatic. Ignore Soll portrait. Praise the little girl for her determination.
  • Order Ciara to reform the education system.
  • Initiate privatization in education.
    Now, privatization of state services is a dubious solution. But, the additional funds allow you to make more improvements in the system overall, and increased budget means that the gap between state-provided and private services is not as huge as it would’ve been otherwise. Besides, it’s consistent with your promotion of market economy.
  • Decline all demands of Gloria Tory and the conservative wing of the USP
  • Albin Clavin and the reformist wing of the USP is behind your reform, no strings attached
  • When addressing the USP, point out that the people have spoken, that we need reforms to increase our popularity, then order them to vote yes. Moderates and opportunists will love that.

Turn V

  • Accept Arcasia’ financial aid
  • Veto the Religious Harmony Bill
    Gotta admit, Kesaro Kibener is a master of doublespeak. I had to reread this RHB three or four times before I realised that what it actually does is trying to erode Bludish language and cultural identity.
  • Your investments in Armadine Industries pay off up to Wealth 4
  • Keep immigration relaxed as promised
  • During the Gentlemen Club party, purchase the vineyard in a countryside.
  • At the Benfi festival, support Monica and interfere when Leste interrupts her. Choose the options that make fun of him without insulting or threatening him.
  • After the festival, tell Monica you want to work together and get her involved in politics.
  • Focus Anti-Corruption investigations on the Old Guard.
    As much of a nuisance as the Oligarchs are, they are not a direct threat right now. The deep state of avaricious and power-hungry officials, on the other hand, must die.
  • Approve Iosef’s plan to reduce the army and buy better equipment.
  • Refuse the trade deal with Wehlen in any form.
    Even a “better” version of Smolak’s deal still makes you complicit in a freaking genocide. We don’t need that ♥♥♥♥ here in Sordland.
  • When going to Agnolia, be respectful and friendly to Van Hoorten. Give him anything BUT the puppy. Decline his first offer (about Agnolian steel), ask if there is a room for negotiation, recognize an island claimed by Agnolia. Accept the military alliance as well.
    This island affair is pretty shady, as Agnolia violently suppresses the local resistance and even shoots at unarmed protesters. However, one should be a little bit cynical to secure a better trade deal, and truth be told, the island should remain Agnolian for now to avoid open warfare in the Markian Sea.

Speech in the Assembly

  • Point out that the Assembly has always been overshadowed by other branches.
  • Explain that your constitutional reform prepares Sordland for a more democratic era and that you will rebalance the branches of government. Focus on unity.
  • When Gloria Tory interrupts you, calmly tell her that Sordland’s Constitution is flawed and you both know it.
  • Finish your speech with a poem.
  • When other party leaders make a ruckus, ask to speak once again.
  • Thank Frans Ricter for his support and say that you can do much together.
  • Tell Kesaro Kibener that he shouldn’t talk about democracy, that you don’t need him and his time has passed.

Turn VI

  • Attend the opening of L-1 railway. Focus on jobs and economic growth in the region. Thank Symon and/or Gus. Drive a train with one of them.
  • Support Iosef’s plan to abolish mandatory military conscription.
  • For your second mega-project, choose Sarna agricultural zone.
    The reasons for this are very simple. First, you have to increase production if you want a strong economy. Second, creating job opportunities in Bergia improves Bludish lives and, consequently, Bludish opinion on you.
  • Initiate privatization in healthcare.
  • Listen to Paskal’s advice and improve rural treatment by hiring health staff and upgrading equipment. Also increase salaries of doctors, nurses and other staff.
  • Tell Frens Ricter what you know about his secret flights to Arcasia. When he confesses, assure him that you trust him nonetheless.
  • Choose Underhall Construction to build your second mega-project
  • Build new rural schools. Also increase salaries of teachers, principals etc.
  • Make evolution teaching mandatory and ban creationism in schools.
    Enjoy conservatives’ screams of horror.
  • Spend ALL your Wealth on lobbying the Assembly. Yeah, you’ve heard me right.

As evident from this chapter, Rayne’s political positions have become increasingly firm and resolute. It’s highly likely that we have alienated our conservative voter base, not to mention the nationalists and socialists who may not share our views. Nevertheless, we must continue to persevere and press on.

Chapter III. Victim of changes

Turn VII

  • When Marcel Koronti calls, tell him you’re not thinking about privatization and want to nationalize instead. When he ♥♥♥♥♥ his pants and begs you to spare his company, graciously agree to do so. When he talks about replacing Tusk, tell him you don’t want to meddle in their affairs.
    I freaking love this moment. You can dupe Koronti into burning his “gentleman’s favor” by promising not to do something you never intended to do in the first place.
  • Privatize the majority shares of both state-owned companies.
  • Decline the “gifts” of both oligarchs and say they will buy the shares on the market, like everyone else.
    This is the last moment the Oligarchs will ever bother you. They leave pissed, but your free market policy is good enough for them to shut up for the rest of your term.
  • Veto Unified Education Language bill.
    Another attempt at doublespeak from Kibener and far-rights. Don’t let them assault the Bludish language.
  • Accept Serge’s lucky pocket watch.
  • During the constitutional vote, go to the center of the hall and shout at people not to crowd the halls and vote faster.
    All our allies and lobbying allow us to win the vote conclusively with 179 ayes and 72 nays. The new Constitution is one step closer.
  • Politely decline Ricter’s offer of alliance
    Though your platforms are close, Ricter is an opportunist first. He just wants to reap the benefits of your victories and strengthen his own party by proxy.
  • Grant asylum to Rumburg whistleblower

Movie premiere

  • Be nice to your family, as always. Offer to spend time in your vinery someday.
  • Say that you trust the judges to make the right decision and that you knew about Tarquin Soll’s arrival at the Assembly.
  • Praise the filmmaker’s work, especially The Sordish Dream.
  • Be as hostile to Soll as you want. He is your enemy anyway by this point.

Turn VII (cont.)

  • Order Deivid to begin negotiations with Lespia.
  • Attend the Day of Descension. Bow to the bishop. Confess anything BUT bribery. When the bishop tries to criticize your policies, politely but firmly tell him that’s none of his business.
  • The ceremony: grab the sceptre with your left hand, touch the altar with your right. Kneel before the bishop. Touch the sword with your right hand. Hand the sceptre over to the bishop, take the sword, pass the sword on to a disciple.
  • When Franc fails his exams, don’t be too harsh on him. Send him to United Contana.
    Actually, there is a bug in the game that allows you to send Franc to your alma mater even if you don’t have money to spare, but I think it’s bad parenting to pamper Franc like that. He should grow out of your shadow and become a man on his own.
  • During the dinner, make a small talk with Nia.

A-a-and you’re done. The Constitution of 1956 is made real. Congratulations.

Planning the remainder of the term

  • Focus on economic development
  • Order to impeach Orso Hawker
  • Order to begin an investigation on Tarquin Soll
  • Order the Anti-Corruption Police to further investigate the Old Guard

As you push to end the recession and get rid of your political enemies, the whistleblower reveals that Rumburg is building nukes. That will be important later. Also, ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥, RUMBURG IS BUILDING ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ NUKES!

Address to the Nation Speech

  • Point out how you’ve fullfiled your promise of transparent and fair democracy
  • Say that a new system will help each and every citizen of Sordland
  • Declare that you’re preparing a trial for Tarquin Soll.
  • Promise to focus on economic development of Sordland
  • Declare that the future lies in your hands

When bidding farewell to Franc, tell him he doesn’t have to model his life after yours and that he is his own man now.

Pick the most experienced judge to replace the impeached Orso Hawker in the Supreme Court.

Presidential reforms / decrees

  • Fair Trade and Competition Comission
  • Sordish Radio and Television Supreme Council >> Keep the media independent but regulated

These two decrees are essential in combating the worst excesses of free market: oligarchs and monopolies (including media monopolies).


  • Sign a trade deal and a military pact with Lespia.
    The dialogue is a bit unclear here. When Alvarez talks about joining ATO, fighting Malenyevism etc. he doesn’t invite you in (yet), he just wants a military alliance. Agree.
  • During the private meeting with Petr, take EVERYTHING from your old office. When he confesses, warn him that you will remove him from the office if he doesn’t fix his ♥♥♥♥. Call his wife.
  • Listen to Lucian’s accusations. Order to investigate Livia.
  • Arrest Livia for espionage. Get Marcel Koronti on smoothing the tension.
  • Agree to make Petr the scapegoat and tell Petr that you want him to resign.
    As harsh as it looks to throw your best friend under the bus, I’m completely with Lucian on this one. Not only did Petr abuse his position in the worst possible way (coercing girls to have sex with him), he also threatened national security and betrayed your secrets. There is no room for forgiveness here.
  • At the press conference, pin the blame on Petr and finish the conference as soon as possible. Do not forget to call “Livia” by her real name and mention that she is a Rumburg spy.
  • Pick Lucian as your Vice President.
    Lucian is a cynical, ruthless, wiretapping, brutally honest, unprincipled power-grabber. What better choice for a man whose job is to challenge your opinions and actions?
  • Approve the creation of Women Rights Comission and promise to support their bill
  • Donate a portion of your Wealth to Sordish League of Women
  • Leave the Gendarmerie under the Ministry of Defense
    This decision might not be practical in a structural sense, but it is sensible on a personal level. Iosef is far more trustworthy than Lileas.
  • Sign Equal Ability bill
  • Approve a mandatory vaccination policy
  • Spend healthcare funds on state of the art medical schools
  • Attend Aschraf Anniversary (no convoy)

Aschraf Anniversary

  • Raise Mansoun’s hand in a display of unity
  • Pick up a candle
  • Light the torch together with Mansoun
  • Praise Aschraf and others who protected their land. Say you share their anger and feel ashamed for actions of your predecessors. Tell the people about your dream of united Sordland.
  • Hug Mansoun.

Now, this is where it gets weird. Your open support of Bludish minority triggers peaceful protests all over the country, BUT the protesters’ demands have nothing to do with Bluds and actually call for even more tolerance. In-story, I interpret it as an attempt of Old Guard to provoke people into more violence through provocation and stall your investigation against them. Also, don’t be afraid, because the protests are actually a GOOD thing, surprising as it is.

  • Ask to meet with the protesters’ speakers and discuss their demands
  • Expand agricultural industry
  • Veto Security Act

Chapter IV. Checkmate

Turn IX

  • Sign Women’s Liberation Act
    The combined burden of industrial expansion and women’s liberation strikes a heavy blow to your budget, but it will be worth it. You’ve just established a cornerstone for excellent women rights in Sordland.
  • Order Serge to buy you a pizza and then ask him to join you for a bachelor night. It’s not that important to the plot, but come on, it’s freaking sweet.
  • Veto Human Dignity bill
    Kibener is just desperate at this point. What do PROSTITUTES have to do with anything?
  • Promise to sign Freedom Act and fire your Chief of Police.
  • Sign Freedom Act.
    And this is why the protests are good in the long run. They give you a perfect opportunity to expand human rights. Police brutalities and unwarranted arrests have no place in your Sordland.
  • Sign Alcohol Tax Act
  • Sign Fair Luxury Tax Act
    Enjoy the oligarchs’ screams of horror. Again.
  • When Rumburg shoots down your plane, order for a diplomatic approach.
  • Agree with Iosef to hold a military parade.
  • Agree to meet with President Walker. Order for an extravagant greeting.
  • When Walker tries to grope Monica, interject and dance with her yourself. It’s not that important, but the scene is very romantic, and Walker actually respects you for it.
  • Accept Walker’s proposal to join ATO.
  • Arrange a regular funeral for Petr. Say something nice about him.
  • When Monica comes home juiced, tease her playfully. Show her the photo. Tell her you’re still madly in love with her.

President Rayne will have seeeex, and it feels so gooooood.

Trial of Tarquin Soll
Don’t do anything. Justice will prevail. Soll is going to jail for life. Enjoy Sollists’ screams of horror.

Election speech at USP HQ

  • Order to arrest (or fire) each and every official connected to Lileas Graf’s conspiracy, herself included.
    Enjoy EVERYONE’s screams of horror, as you’ve just launched the largest government purge in history of Sordland. But hey, that’s what people get for being naughty under your administration.
  • Assure the party that your administration stands strong, that you will restore harmony and root out corruption
  • Take an international loan

As a result of the decisions made, the economy of Sordland experiences a substantial boost, and the country enters a phase of prosperity and growth known as the “Great Sordish Recovery.” In a few years, Sordland becomes the envy of the continent, a shining example of economic success.

Interestingly, even the left-leaning factions, as represented by the Radical paper, acknowledge that “Raynomics” have led to a steady improvement in the standard of living for Sordish citizens. They may not be entirely certain how these results were achieved under capitalist policies, but they cannot ignore the positive outcomes that have been delivered.

Television interview

  • Confirm that Rumburg has been increasingly aggressive over the last years.
  • Say you are willing to do what it takes not to create a conflict.
  • Point out that Queen of Rumburg has been increasingly hostile and can’t be counted on to maintain peace.
  • Say that while you joining ATO will deter Rumburg from waging war, they will keep harassing Sordland in other ways.
  • Say that you have all the evidence you need of Rumburg’s espionage.
  • Call the spy by her real name (IIlana Vance).
  • Say you invite Chancellor Hegel to see reason and resolve the island dispute diplomatically and that all nations must unite to calm the situation. Point out, however, that your Armed Forces are ready to act if your allies need you.
  • Say that the refugees crisis is not about the Bludish movement, but about human beings in danger. Say that Sordland can provide for all. Say that you believe in a better life for these people in Sordland.

If you have made the right moves, the interview may result in OMEC, the largest international commercial organization, expelling Rumburg from their ranks. While this may not be strictly necessary, as joining a superpower has already prevented the war, it is still incredibly satisfying to see Rumburg suffer the consequences of their actions. And this is just the beginning.

On another note, you may visit Lileas Graf in prison and enjoy a good laugh as she rants about Soll and how your decisions have ruined everything. Despite her criticisms, you have just averted a full-scale war, established Sordland as a key player in a strategic alliance, and positioned the country to become a burgeoning economic powerhouse. In comparison, her complaints seem comically delusional.

Alliance of Nations

  • When other world leaders speak, be silent or make snappy comments to Deivid.
  • Speak up in support of Van Hoorten. Ask Hegel what he’s so afraid of.
  • Suppress the urge to interrupt Queen Livingstone. Vengeance is near. You will leave her “grand awakening” in the dust.
  • Condemn Smolak’s crimes and reiterate that Sordland stands together with the Bludish people.
  • Reiterate your support for Agnolia against Valgslandian aggression. Trash talk Hegel (not because of actual malice, just for the sheer fun of it).
  • Point out that Rumburg’s military has tripled in the last decade.
  • Reveal what you know about KA-74s and Rumburg arming Bludish insurgents in your country.
  • Drop the (almost literal) bomb by mentioning the whistleblower and revealing Rumburg’s secret nuclear facilities.
  • As you listen to the delegates’ screams of horror, demand an investigation of Rumburg. Say that AN can no longer ignore the machinations of warmongers.

backlash from different factions in Sordish society. Reports in-game may suggest low levels of support and difficulty in winning votes. However, it’s important to remember that your decisions have also garnered strong support from the Blud population and those who prioritize financial stability.

It’s also worth noting that you’ve gained a significant following among women, and Monica has been named Sordland’s Woman of the Year thanks to your support. So while you may have lost support from certain political groups, you’ve gained support in other areas.

As the elections approach, make a promise to your family to take a vacation after the elections. Whether it’s a ladies’ choice or a visit to your vineyard, taking some time off to recharge will be important.

Meanwhile, enjoy the satisfaction of seeing Rumburg sanctioned by ATO and CSP, and relish in the impotent rage of their leaders. And when Deivid asks, confirm that you are a hardcore democrat.

Main focus of your next term

  • Security

The reasoning here is very simple. Your welfare programs already run smoothly, and the military is not a priority (though if your membership in ATO demands an increased budget, you can do it). Meanwhile, you still have a problem with organised crime and inter-racial violence. These are going to be the main issues to tackle in your second term.

Presidential debate

  • Put Kibener down whenever you can.
  • When asked about your focus on security, explain that your support towards law enforcement has already paid off greatly. Why stop now?
  • Promise a basic living wage for every citizen of Sordland.
    Enjoy Ricter’s screams of horror.
  • Demand that the communist guy be allowed to speak. You’re a democrat, ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥. You listen to people.
  • Point out that your alliance with ATO has saved Sordland from war.
  • Support Mansoun’s idea of helping women from disadvantaged communities and promise that Women’s Rights Commision will continue their work.
  • Promise to keep up your work to reconcile with Bluds.
  • Say that, while you will accept the results of the election whatever they may be, you will never stop fighting for your beliefs.

The Election Speech

  • Thank your allies and supporters, including your wife
  • Just go through ginormous list of your accomplishments. You got it.


A-a-and here we go. The United Sordland Party reigns supreme in the election, with you as its indisputable leader (because most of the inner opposition is in jail, lol).

The PFJ and NF parties remain the second and third largest parties in the Assembly, respectively. However, due to a lowered threshold, Workers’ Party of Bludia also enters the Assembly, meaning that for the first time in forever, there is gonna be a strong left presence in the parliament. About time, if you ask me.

History will remember you (naturally) as Sordish Liberal.

Now, your first term is by no means perfect. It was tainted with political violence, racial injustice and painful consequences of the extensive privatization (lots of people lost their state healthcare coverage).

On the other hand, look at what we’ve accomplished. Millions of people found a job, living standards overall are steadily improving, corruption is tackled, new businesses are opening by day, and the situtation with human rights is one of the best in the region.

So begins the second term of Anton Rayne, the guy who pissed everyone off but managed to come through after all.

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