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How to Easily Make a Euro Step in NBA 2K21

The release of NBA 2K21 marks the start of a new journey for NBA simulation video games. Just like the previous NBA 2K game, the latest NBA 2K21 is offering almost every common moves in the world of basketball.

One of these moves is called Euro step, also known as two-step, which allows the offensive player picks up their dribble, takes a step in one direction, and followed by another quick second step towards another direction. Usually, this is done to avoid contact with the defender and make a smooth basket.

In NBA 2K21, players can also simulate their player to perform a Euro step and make a basket. In this guide, you will be learning on how to do it in NBA 2K21 like a pro.

NBA 2K21 Euro Step

How to Euro Step in NBA 2K21

If you’re already familiar with the step in the previous NBA 2K game, then you surely won’t find these new changes in NBA 2K21. There are two ways to make a good Euro step in the game.

The first method on making a Euro step is a bit difficult since it requires you to do multiple combinations at the same time. However, this will not require you to use the shot stick to throw the ball. To do this step, you have to double-tap shoot button while driving while holding the left stick toward the off-hand as you approach the basket.

The second method is way easier as you only need to move and hold the right stick to the left while driving with the ball in the right hand. At the same time, you can also use the burst speed to have a faster and increase your chance of escaping your opponent behind.

Still can’t make a perfect Euro step? Then check out this tutorial on Youtube.

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